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February 11, 2010     Tri-County News
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February 11, 2010

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L M SA U R I! g I I N X E E T I N V E Y E Compiled by the Kimball Area Historical Society ~" ~,:,-~ Did you know ... ? Reprinted from Oct. 19, 2000, Tri-County News; originally from the Tri-County Messenger, Oct. 1, 1936. James M. Kimball, for whom the village of Kimball was named, was one of the very earliest ,set- tiers in Maine Prairie Township. His homestead was the quarter section lying one-half mile north of the village, bordering on the St. Cloud Highway 15. Mr. Kim- ball had secured a "patent" for the land from the United States Gov- ernment June 1, 1861. In 1907, the land passed to his son James D. Kimball, who owned it the rest of his life. Around the year 1859, just after Minnesota became a state, Mr. Kimball and his brother-in- law John Dolan were looking for hay to cut down on Willow Creek. At that time, the old Forest City trail passed through the present town site, about one block east of Main Street, and this was the road they followed. At that time, the Chippewa and Sioux were fight- ing most of the time to keep con- trol of the territory for many miles north and south along that trail, and there had been a battle a short time before Mr. Kimball started looking for hay. In the woods and brush at the foot of the hill and north of the present railroad tracks, they ran into an encampment of Sioux who were resting after the battle. They had a stockade of poles set up, and some pits dug for hiding places in case of attack. Mr. Kimball told about it after- ward and said that he had lost all interest in hay. Three years later, the Sioux went on the warpath in earnest against the whites, but no settlers were bothered at the time mentioned by Mr. Kimball. Tuesday, Feb. 23, 7 p.m.: Come one, come all - we're kicking of four 10th anniversary. Retribution that followed 1862 Indian uprising will be featured by author, historian, and retired teacher Dean Urdahl, as he speaks on some of his favor- ite topics at Kimball's Historic City Hall. A legacy that still lives with us today, the war reached Stearns County, as well as the Minnesota River Valley. Dean Urdah'l will not leave you disappointed. Every- one is welcome to this free event, including refreshments. Learn more about what's happening at Kimball Area Historical Society by attending Feb. 23. Share your heritage. Help your family reconnect to their heri- tage by participating in events throughout the year. Help save Kimball's heritage. Get on board and become a member of the Kim- ball Area Historical Society during this membership season. Mem- bership renewals for 2010 are also needed, just a reminder, if you have forgotten. Consider buying a New credit card regulations kick in The BBB explains what it means to you Credit card holders can circle Feb. 22 on their calendar as the day when new consumer protec- tions laid out in the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 kick in. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Minnesota and North Dakota explains what these new con- sumer protections mean to card- holders across the US. The United States Census Bureau predicts that in 2010, the number of United States credit card holders will grow to 181 mil- lion. Unfortunately, almost 75 per- cent of cardholders admit to not reading the terms and conditions of their credit cards, according to a survey. The BBB recommends that all card holders familiarize themselves with the fine print and review the new pro- visions set Out by the Credit Card Act of 2009. "Credit card debt can mount when times are tight and consum- ers need to take the time to under- stand the fine print of their credit card agreements and. the different fees and penalties that can chisel awayat familyfinances," saidDana Badgerow, president and CEO of the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota. "While the new CARD Act provides more consumer pro- tections, card holders still need to keep an eye on changes to their accounts and respond quickly if they aren't satisfied." Following are just a few of the new credit card regulations and consumer protections as a result of the Credit CARD Act: More notice for new interest rate changes Card issuers must give card holders 45-days advance notice in the event of an interest rate change. Additionally, promotional rates must apply for at least six months, and unless disclosed up front, card holders cannot have their rate increased in the first year. Cardholder opt-out If there are significant changes made to the terms of the account, card holders can choose to reject those changes and will have five years to pay off the balanEe under the original terms. Older age restrictions added Card issuers are no longer allowed to issue a credit card to anyone under 21 unless they can prove theyhave the means to repay debt or if an adult over 21 co-signs friend or relative a gift member- ship. Thank you for your support. Phase five of Kimball's show- case city hall restoration has begun, another step towards com- pleting the indoors. There's no other city hall in Stearns County on the National Register of His- toric Places. It's no wonder, as the preservation continues, that resi- dents and visitors alike are proud and committed to the finish. Thank you for inspiring everyone with your ongoing commitments and tax-deductible donations. Todayin history: In 1847, Amer- ican inventor Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio. In 1861, President-elect Abraham Lincoln departed from Springfield, Ill., for Washington. To find out how you can be involved in the Kimball Area His- torical Society, secure keepsake souvenirs and cookbooks, con- tribute to this column or the per- manent society collection, city hall donations or membership, please contact us at Box 100, Kim- ball MN 55353, or call (320) 398- 5743, or e-mail anytime. You just completed "History Matters" column #263. History special events for 2010 are the months February, March, April, June, Augudst, September, Octo- ber, and November. ally, card issuers can no longer set a payment deadline before 5 p.m. and cannot charge card holders if they pay online, over the phone or by mail - unless the payment is made over the phone either on the due date or the previous day. Overpayments go toward highest interest balances If the card holder has varied interest rates for different services or accounts, any overpayments must be applied to the account that is incurring the highest inter- est rate. Over the limit opt-in Card holders must opt-in to be able to exceed their credit limit - and subsequently be charged an over-limit fee by the issuer. If a card holder chooses not to opt-in, then he or she will not be able to exceed their credit limit and incur any resultant fees. Increased disclosure on minimum payments Card issuers must disclose how long it will take the card holder to pay offtheir bill if they pay only the minimum monthly payment, as well as how much the card holder would need to pay every month to pay offthe balance in 36 months. Say goodbye to double-billing cycles ~~u assr.oom* $150 ..... ~ Classes begin Feb. 28 Behind-the-wheeltraining Schedule bft March 1st with HOME HCK-UP Year-round Licensed by the Dept. of Public Safe~ on the account. Credit card com- panies also face new restrictions on how they can promote cards to college Students and can no longer offer free gifts as enticements on campuses. New rules for monthly statements In response to complaints that bill due dates were being moved up - and leading to increased late fees - monthly statements must now be mailed or delivered 21 days prior to the due date. Addition- When calculating finance charges, card issuers can no longer employ two-cycle or double billing - a method that causes cardhold- ers to pay interest on previously paid balances. Tolearnmoreaboutthenewcon- sumer protections, has a comprehensive break- down of the Credit CARD Act of 2009. For more information on man- aging credit cards and debt, visit . Register: 320-221-1210 or \