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March 14, 2013     Tri-County News
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March 14, 2013

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Page 2 B Progress Issue and broadcast next week Next week's Tri-County News and Eden Valley-Watkins News will be a combined issue mailed out to every address in Eden Valley, Watkins, Kimball, and South Haven. We've set aside lots of extra photos and stories for next week, too, to share with everyone. Be sure to get us your news (or ad) early for that paper! Included in next week's paper ,will, be the first "Prog- ress Issue" for our combined area. You I1 read all about the many improvements and advances among our business- es, local governments, and communities. You won't want to miss it! Farmers urged to review crop insurance As drought continues, . Commissioners Rothman and Frederickson urge farmers to review crop insurance needs Agriculture Oommissioner Dave Frederickson and Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman , March 8, issued a consumer alert encouraging Minnesota farmers to consider purchasing crop insur- ance ahead of this year's grow- ing season. The standard dead- line for purchasing crop insurance is right around the corner. Farm- ers must finalize a crop insurance plan with their insurance agent by March 15. Minnesota farmers may stind to benefit from that wisdom this growing season," said Commis- sioner Rothman, the state's top insurance regulator. "If dry con- ditions persist in the weeks and months ahead, having proper crop -insurance coverage could be cru- cial. We encourage all farmersto review their crop insurance needs this month." The threat of drought is real again this year. According to the National Weather Service, "extreme drought conditions remain in place across most of west central and south central Minnesota" and "severe drought conditions" continue across the bulk of the remainder of the south- ern half of Minnesota. "Risk comes in many forms when you're a farmer, from com- modity prices to input costs to weather," Commissioner Freder- ickson said. "Crop insurance is an important tool for managing that risk, and I encourage farmers to review their options carefully." According to the O.S. Depart- ment of Agriculture's Risk Man- agement Agency (RMA), before purchasing crop insurance farm- ers should consider how a policy will work in conjunction with their other risk management strategies to ensure the best possible out- come each crop year. Crop insur- ance agents and other agri-busi- ness specialists can assist farm- ers in developing a good manage- ment plan. A list of crop insurance agents by county can be found on the RMA website. RMA provides policies for more than 100 crops. Crop-insur- ance policies typically consist of general crop insurance provi-- stuns, specific crop provisions, policy endorsements and special provisions. Minnesota farmers are encouraged to review RMA's county crop program listings for more information about crop policies available in their home county. Policies are available for most commodities. Farmers with questions about crop and livestock insurance are encouraged to visit the Minne- sota Department of Commerce website insuranceconsumersfarmers.tip. PopV IBT A FLoRiDA? ff VitT A. I)Ro! COWJ.AWEI I:ILIBIJ61"! "U'ktL? / I .,,I Tt4AT5 TATg  gO TtIEY WHERE I Tl-OUGn P0tIlCt/ DROEON V, II.Ts , CJ'O4 A C..WCtAV Do t MD Po ,c,EOER?./vL-T To A 91K- YEAH,D TALK N01-t6 Tfl A Opt nio l Thursday, March 14, 2013 -- Tri-Countv News "Slices of Life" Being left is all right POSTMASTER: Send address "Two wrongsdon'tmakearight, I'm a true believer in the power of changes to the Tri-County News, but three lefts do." - Eric Parslow words. I'm not advocating for sub- P.O. Box 220, Kimball MN 55353. Whether you're turning a coT- stantial changes in the way we The Tri-County News (USPS 639- ner or sigtaing your name, being speak; I simply want to make sure 180) is entered at the Post Office, left is hardly ever right. That's my southpaw son realizes how Kimball, Minnesota 55353, as Periodi- because lefties are in the minority, leftastic and leftraordinary he is. cats. It is published Thursdays by the Olyabout lOpercentofthepopu- Orisn't. Tri-County News, Inc., P.O. Box 220, lation is left-handed. True lefties do everything le- Kimball MN 55353, Stearns County. At my house that computes to handed. My son writes with his LOCATION: Our office is at 70 one out of six. Some of the time. left hand, but he completes a num- Main Street Sou in downtown Kim- halt. Weekday office hours are Monday More on that later, her of other tasks with his right. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Tuesday through Friday Left-handedness tends to run He holds a hockey stick and golf 9a.m.-2p.m.Ourtetephoneandfaxnum- in families, but not ours. At least club like a right-hander. He throws her is (320) 398-5000 or (320) 453-6397. not in the traditional, legalistic left, bats rightandholds a forkand E-mail can be addressed to news@ sense. I am a righty, through and spoon with his left hand. tricountynews.A4N. Our Web site is through. We all are. My husband, This mishmash of right-left trkountynews.MN. We aLso have a drop his parents and siblings, my par- preference is called mixed-hand- site at Ert[ Hardware Hank in downtown ents and siblings, our children- all edness or cross-dominance. In Watkins. A satettite office is now open at "northpaws, except for one son who reality, my son is neither left nor 378 N State Street, downtown Eden Valley, writes with his non-right hand. right-handed, but a little of both. open 10-6 Man.-Fd. and 9-12 Sat. Various theories involving No one is sure what makes a DEADLINE: 2 p.m. Monday. techniques of caveman hunters, person left or mixed-handed. One RATES: Subscription rates are left-brain, right-brain thinking line of thought, called the van- S36/year ($26 for age 62 and otder) in Minnesota; S46/year (536 for seniors) and ancient artwork all hypothe- ishing twin theory, suggests left- elsewhere in the U.S. Single copy size why the hand usage thing is handed people were originally price is one dollar. so skewed. Even the majority of half of a mirror-image set of twins STAFF: Jean Ooran Matua, chimpanzees are right-handed, so with the right-handed fetus failing Editor and Publisher it's not a uniquely human mystery, to develop sometime during early Sue Hughes: Creative Designer My son is in good company, pregnancy. The fact that twins Maxine Doran: Admin. Associate There are lots of smart and suc- have nearly twice the frequency Marguerite Laabs: Photographer cessful left-handers - outside of of left-handedness helps bolster Stephanie Johnson: Office Admin. baseball, even. Three of the last this idea. So, we always wondered Pat Garry: Staff Writer four U.S. presidents have been whether our left-handed son orig- The staff of the Tri-County News lefties. Albert Einstein and Leon- inated as half of a set Of twins. It recognizes that it has a responsibiti- ardo (da Vinci, not DiCaprio) were was something we'd never know ty to report the news accurately and southpaws. Even Dart Simpson is forsure, fairly, and that it'is accountable to left-handed. At least he's drawn Until we tried fir/ding a hockey the public. Please contact our office if you feet we've fatten short of that that way. stick for his younger, right-handed objective. Fame and fortune aside, left- brother. We naturally gravitated LETTERS: The Trf-County News wet- handedness has not always been to the right-handed hockey sticks, chines letters promoting the exchange an accepted trait. In days gone They didn't work, because our of ideas and opinions. To be considered by, back when the schoolmarm youngest son uses a left-handed for publication, letters should address slapped student's hands with a hockey stick. The same goes for a topic of current or general interest. wooden ruler, left-handed chip golf, where he swings left. When vatethanks, political self-promotion, dren were taught (sometimes throwing a ball, however, he is a libelous letters, o letters denigrating forced) to use their right hand. righty, character or reputation wilt not be pub- (They don't call them the good old In essence, wherever the tished. Art letters must bear the wnter's days for nOthing.) older brother is left-handed, the signature, address and telephone num- While we no longer coerce left- younger brother is right, and.vice her. We reserve the right to edit for handed children to follow the versa. They are mirror images of clarity and readability. LEGAL PUBLICATION: The "rri, Coun- right-handed path and instead one another, born six years apart ty News is the publication of record for accept their journey on the road - like twins who share everything, the Cities of Eden Yattey, Kimball, and less traveled, the intricacies of our except a birthday. I find the coinci- Watkins; Independent School District language make one wonder. If you dence intriguing and fascinating, #739 (Kimball) and Independent School describe something as out in left or perhaps better put, leftriguing District #463 (Eden Valley-Welkins); field, it is strange, or off course. A and leftcinating. Ctearwater River Watershed District, person can be left for dead, in the Some say it is a mixed up world. Steams County, and the Townships of lurch, out in the cold, holding the At our house, it is a mixed-handed Fair Haven, Forest prairie, Kingston, bag and in thedark- none of them world. We may be a little left of Luxemburg, and Maine Prairie. desirable. And we all understand center, but for us it just feels right. RECYCLING: The Tri-County News no child wants to be left behind. Follow Slices of Life on Face- is printed with soy inks on recycled } Ever. book and hit Like (please)2 Jill paper whenever possible. We en- Yet, a person who is right on the Pertler is an award-winning syn- courage recycling. COPYRIGHT: A|I content herein is mark, or makes all the right moves dicated columnist, playwright and the property of the Tri-Cbunty News is doing things ... well, the right author of "The Do-It-Yourselfer's and is protected by U.S. copyright way. When all is right with the Guide to Self-Syndication" E-mail taw; content may not be reproduced world, it is a good day. Righteous, her at; or visit without our written prior consent. even. her website at http://marketing- We are proud to be a member of: Some might write off these Minnesota Newspaper Assoc. observations as insignificant, but Kimball Area Chamber DEADLINE: 2 p.m. Mondays Kimball Area Historical Society Stearns County Press Assoc. MNA Peer-iudged Awards: Ad Design winner: 2011, 2012 Best Website: 2010, 2011, 2012 Best Serf-Promotion Ad: 2009, 2010, 2011 2012 Best Use of Color (Ad): 2010, 2012 Best News Photo: 2010, 2011, 2012 Best Advertisement: 2008, 2011, 2012 Best Portrait/Personality Photo: 2008 Advertising Excellence: 2004, 2007 Best Information Graphic: 2007 Best Classified Ads: 2006 Best Local News Story: 2000, 2012 2013, Tri-County News r %