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April 4, 2013     Tri-County News
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April 4, 2013

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Thursday, April4,2013 T.a6 le/', P"- Tri-Cou - ..... Maine Prairie Township: no tax increase for 2014 the number of hours per day to be The township approved main- patrolled. No action was taken, tainingcurrentlevyamounts,with ByIeanDoranMatua, Editor a town hall. The expenses to-date late their own plan. They welcome Fire contracts were reviewed: no increase for 2014, at $627,300. The annual meeting of Maine were $222,245, well under-budget, input from township residents for Watkins increased $311, withThe township set polling hours Prairie Township was held after Landscaping and the parking lot this plan. $5,466.59 due for 2013. for future elections to 4-8 p.m., electionpollsclosedMarch12.Ron were discussed, with no specific The Kimball Police Depart- Rockville decreased $171, with because of low numbers. (The Kuechle was re-elected as supervi- plans other than to have a flag pole ment, represented by chief Jim $15,239.70 due for 2013. minimum required for townships sot. Tom Ehlinger was nominated and some kind of landscaping and Frilstad, was invited to make a Kimball increased $5,261, with is three hours.) as moderator for the meeting, shrubbery. Decisions on the park- presentation and proposal to the $47,591.45 due for 2013. The next annual meeting will There was discussion of roading lot will be made later in the township for law enforcement ser- The township approved payingbe held March 11, 2014. Township projects in the township, and season, vices which would make Kimball these fire contracts, meetings are always open to the whether crack-sealing or sealcoat- The township board is working Police the primary patrol rather The township approved donat-public, and residents are encour- ingwas preferred, on a comprehensive and exten- than Stearns County. The benefits ing $3,000 to WatkinsAmbulance. aged to attend annual meetings The new town hall was dis- sive five-year road maintenance presented included 24-hour cover- The township approved donat-as this is when spending decisions cussed. (This meeting was held plan. They are coordinating with age, visibility, and faster response ing $2,000 to Kimball Community are made. there.) $245,000 was set aside at Stearns County, and also look- time on calls. The cost to the Education. 5 p.m. Thursday, April 18, is the the 2012 annual meeting to build ing at Other townships to formu- township would be determined by The township approved donat-County Board of Appeals & Equal- ing $1,000 to the Kimball Commu- ization meeting for the township, ~r ~nrrrr nity Playhouse for their summer at the new township hall. cwv oF w~ production of"Footloose." S]I'A TEMF~%T OF ~/t-.gll R ECEIPI'g, DtSlll rlL~;~:M FArrs kND ct~rcGl~ IN CA-~L~t~ ~ LANCE.S - Fer .tlw Yrar ~.Ba'~cml~r +1, 2+I~ City of Watkins passes $1.167 million audit, saves DISIIU~S~IFJ'qrs ~m-Rat C~mtat ~Oavermmat P+lie S~tl~ P~blicW~ Cu~urc an4 R~re~io~ Di~bl L~I~iCt Pr/aC/Cal late~,t muJ Fiscal C%arg~ CaVil*| Oath}' Pul~k+ S a fe~y Pa~ Work~ Caltt~.~ m~ Rccr~R+~ ~:ma! Di~em~a~ [-~.~ oi' Re~ipts Ov~ (U~dO Dmbm'.~acms OTI|F.R f:iNA~ClP'/(; SOURO~S (risEs) Tm n+J~+++ In Tra+rfft~ Out T+stal Olhm- Fi.a++eAag S,.lttmes 1Uses) St~/a~ R~,-v~v~ De~ S~vh: Capitol ~ajegts,. G.O. G~O~ l'a W,*ov.+-u~.'*t t bBl,m~mt-ml Otlwr Trial $ $ ~q.9]O $ 212~32 $ $ $ t16.096 3.270 7,1~r/ Z+L~7 :5,3t9 L27~ 12.4~9 99.~76 172.~4 ~7 ~.014 6~1 $ (,09.4~ ~27~ 17;396 17+31+6 3S,761 135.037 ?.Wt I3.616 26~.61] 1,279 $25 16.09g Ifi.~ 6.t.~fl 9.771 44t1(I t2,794 32,794 35,736 - "LSIII 4331"? ~.}}2 a ,~_+ 19,944~4~ 6fig0. I~. 1----"--------~" 1,4J];69~ 9.7l 1 3,66'~ 4o.o~a ~.(H)o 4sg 39.1.~J 2Q3+600 26.761 35.835 3571 2311 299.33~ 237;9M 4,419 4741~, 61.003 7~,71, ~257, l (~ 1.74: 21.0~ 47,79' 2|,713 57.5! 4.3~) 7.q4 292;Y,46 1.324.6]1 44,517 74.45.t |0, ITR~ 5g,g01 6.000 (~4,~16) | O~).(R~ zm6 YZn9 +a~.6 fa3,o~0+, {~,0;6o5) dO,k+ ,?1,724 N~ C ~ n'~ m C~sh ~und B~hl~ f27;217) 74.4.q.3 I0. leA+ ~,~01 6.000 (13,082) 109.0 CASII FUND BALANCES B#naiag of Y~r Etld of Year 691 +)55 2.fi3.~T') g1~4,952 3gl.612 (!7.20~)_ 3~1 .tg 2.59151 $ 663,g3~ $ ~38.412 $ gQS,0Sg $ 440,413 $ I|t202t $ 37~.104 $ 2.704,@ By Jean Doran Matua, Editor At its March 21 meeting, the Watkins city council heard the results of their 2012 audit by KDV. No errors or issues were found. The city is "right on target" by hav- ing 50 percent of next year's bud- get set aside in a fund balance. Monte Eastvold of Northland Securities addressed the coun- cil about the sale of the city's $4,725,000 bond on March 21. Two bids were received that were very close. Piper Jaffray's bid was selected (over Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc., of Milwaukee); the dif- ference was 0.014 percent inter- est. The original loan was in 2009 for road, water and sewer repairs in the City of Watkins. The total sale price was $4,749,239.31 which included the cost of obtaining a new credit rating for the city. The $44,295 cost of issuance is included there too. Repayment was extended one year at 3.7754 percent interest; the loan will mature in 2049. The yearly pay- ments will be slightly higher until maturity, but the net savings to the city is $1,167,521.22. This new loan can be refinanced as early as 2020; prepayment is another option open to the city. The city will receive a $17,048.75 pay- ment from Piper ]affray at closing, which Eastvold suggests the city put in the bank. 2013 Watkins Ambulance offi- cers were named: Ben Aho chief, Sharon Donnay treasurer, Shir- ley ]acklitch secretary, ]ulie Hils- gen training officer, Jeff Hilsgen & Theresa Carlson Relief Associa- tion. The city will put out for bid, sep- arately, the inspection and main- tenance work on the water tower. The city received two bids for the 1987 plow truck that had recently been replaced. The high bid was $2,105 from Chad Kipp; this was accepted unanimously. (The other bid was $1,875 from French Lake Auto Parts.) Randy Kramer had a water leak and is requesting the sewer portion of his $1,157 water bill for 59,000 gal- lons of water in January be written off. The city will investigate whether any of this water could have gone down the sewer, in which case it likely would not be written off. Steve Geislinger passed a certi- fication test March 20. His salary was raised $.50 per hour for pass- ing the test, and $.50 for now being the Public Works Director. Wally% Caf6 has requested two handicap parking spaces, one on Central Ave. and the other on 2nd St. It would need Meeker County approval to put one on Central Ave. It was noted that there used to be one there when it was the drugstore, and that there will be better visibil- ity at the intersection when there are no cars parked in the handicap CITY OF WATKINS BUSINESS-TYPE ACTIVITIES STATEMENT OF REVENUES, EXPENSES AND CHANGES IN NET POSITION - PROPRIETARY FUNDS For the Year Ended December 31,2012 OPERATING REVENUES Charge~'; for Services P~'mits. f]~akup Fee.s mid Pena|ties "lbtat Operating Re, venues $ Water Sewer Total 188~868 $ 193,235 $ 382,t03 9OO 9OO .-.---- ! 891768193~235 383#03 OPERATING EXPENSES WBges and Salaries Materials and Sapplies Repairs m~d Maintenance ProfL~ssioaat Servic~.'s Utilities Depreciation Miscellaneous Expemses Total Opetatlng Expenses 15,812 15,726 31,538 4,087 8A85 12,572 3 I, 119 16,765 47,884 4,456 2, Ig3 6,639 22,080 13,837 3!917 85,442 124,762 2!0,~04 7,629 6.732 14p36t 170,625 188,490 359.115 Operating Profit 19.143 4,745 23;888 NONOPERATING REVENUE (EXPENSE) Iav~tmctR Income Intergovcmmm,tal Mise~llam.~ous Revenue Interest Expense To~I Nonoperating gevenu~ (Expense) 161 507 668 32,654 32,654 I, ! 72 6,292 7,464 ( + 9,:; m) { ! 6,0~5)0 %'t~), 14,6~} ~9r2~i) 53o4 Change in Ne~ Position 3,~,74~ (4,s5]) 2vj92 NET POSITION B~,iaaing of Year 2#94;4t4 2,915,751 5#I,0~165. End of Year ~F 3.028,157 ~2+911+200 ~ 5~93%~57 CITY OF WATK1NS BUSINESS-TYPE ACTIYITIES STATEMENT OI," NET PoSrrlON - PROPRIETARY FUNDS December 3L 20~2 ASSETS Cut,at Assets ('ash aM Ca~ Eqvivalems Actmun|s Reoivable Total Cutvent Assets NmleurreaI Assets Capital Assets: Land BuiMings lulh|:strac~ ure Furniture, Macllinety and Eqaipmgllt Total Capital Assets Less A~umutated I~prg~isfion Net Capital Asst~s Water Sewer Total $ 142;73g $ 226,472 $ 369,210 19,439 25,776 45,215 162J77 252~248 , ,414,425 1,250 188,160 f89,4 !0 79,(161 79,661 4,309,863 5,433,880 9,743343 8,4!2 1t,2t2 19,624 4,319~$25 $,7!2,9!3 t0,032,4~8 .... (S18,942) (!,S34,043)(2.652,985) 3fi00583 3ig7&870 7,379,453 Tot~l AS~ts LIARll JTIgS ANi) NET POSITION Ca rreet Llabilitiet - Accounts Payable Interest P~abl NOae~rrCnt LiabilMes Da Witht. Olte Year Total Current Lidoitltle~ $3667.,7611 $4131,118 $779+38"/8 S 9,5+2 $ h3So S iO~,n ~7fl(10 g6~0f~A) 1,53~$00 s~6o3 92,9 ~s I ".,'6,s2 ~ Nomeerrent L~ldlttivs Nm~ real Loa~ Pa~.mbte ~ntmnts Dt~ Within ~ Year To~ Noucun~at ~bltties 6is+~oo i,2|3;ooo1.~31:~o0 ~l,O00 1,1277~ I 678,000 Tqtal ~ilifics 634t(il)] .1,2 19+~i8 i~521 Ne~ Posl~a Net tllvt++llilelli i. L~tpitai ASseS U m'~sict-~ Total Net :Position Total Liabiliti~ ar~;N~t Poaition 2,8S~083 2,665,~705,5,17.953 1~6L074 :2+5,330 39174