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May 6, 2010     Tri-County News
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May 6, 2010

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- -++41+I+. +I++.I.IIl~a~la1__~ MIll J~II_~Jt IIr.ILaIIIII~ llIkddIIIIIL ' + ,, l~d~LIIi..ala~IklI+~ ~Jagll~l'Ja 't~,~'tJI.L~+~i,g-I+&, ........ ' +'" +I ' "+ ......... p.. !- ... A ! Thursday, May 6, 2010 imball, MN King Crossword 1 2 "// ) led by the Kimball Area Historical Society ACROSS t-g- 1-i-- 1 Totally __ ___ dominate 1-fi-- ~1 4 Righton the 1T- -- -- .++++~+~++++,~+.:+.:++.+++~++++~...:.:++ ......................................... ;.+++,++++++++:+~+++++++~=~+~++++a+~++,,.+.+~++++,++:+:+;::.~:. .................................................. ............................. .::.+::5 Duane D. Stanley, 2010 made it to Concord. Dawes heard __ __ We are doing a "reality check" the bells of Concord and knew that 13 Jubilation26 27 of Longfellow's "Midnight Ride" Prescott had spread the alarm. 14 Disposition 15 Where " 3"7-- -- --- poem. It is to remind us that the After arousing Concord, Prescott salmon 9o to .... life of true heroes is not the same continued to neighboring towns, spawn :34 as those of TV blockbusters or as did his brother. By midday, it 17 Motivate 3--7--- I I even poetic heroes. While Long- is thought that more than 40 rid- 18 Gazing one fellow was not writing screenplays ers were out calling the militia to 19 Chart format I I 43 44 for Hollywood, he was consciously action. 21 "Guinness 45 46 -- -- creating a hero for his times. And By 4:30 a.m. Revere was back in Book" suffix Paul Revere's fame was its result. Lexington. He retrieved a trunk of 22 Transmission 5--6--- --- The poet took liberties withHancock's papers from the Buck- to a space- ---- -- -- history both in what he put in and man Inn, and saw the leaders off craft 53 what he left out. on their way to safety. He probably 26 Rural .... buildings music qui vive farrlily Let us take that ride: Revere observed at least part of the battle 29 "No seats"48 Entry on a 6 Poseidon's 28 50-Across left Boston at 10 p.m., when two on Lexington Green. 30 Dress in team's realm need friends rowed him across the At 5 a.m. the weary marchers 31 Supple- schedule 7 Deep-fried 29 Agent river. An hour later, at ll p.m., he arrived in Lexington and faced ment ed, with50 Bassoon's recipe 32 Rancher mounted a strong horse loaned off against a thin line of colonial- not shine, can the hero meet with fame. , "out" cousin 8' Urge + " 33 Raw-boned by Deacon Larkin and headed for " ists. While it has never been deter- Third: Don t let heroes go 32 Bookkeeper 51 Wine's 9 Neither mate person Lexington. The ride would not last mined who fired the first shot, unsung.Youknowthelocalheroes (Abbr.) - aroma " 10 As well - 35 Alcott book, all night, but a single hour. (Yes, he eight farmer-soldiers soon lay who have served faithfully; cel- 33 2_ gin-fizz 52 Yank 11 Peculiar "-- Boys" did, indeed, have to outride two dead, and one- a black slave serv- ebrate their patriotism and their 34 Dead heat53 Implement16 Pollster's 36 More agile mounted British officers). By a few ins in the militia - was wounded, heroism. It is unlikely anyone will 35 Happiness54 Active onefind . 38 The Baxters'minutes after midnight he arrived One British soldier was wounded, write poems about them. But you 36 Public 55 Early bird? 20 Wall St. " maidd~ t in Lexington to complete the first Though the first shots of the Revo- squabble debut 39 Hum a e 37 '%;ou DOWN 23 Between 42 Fill till full part of his assignment: to give lution had been fired at Lexington can give them their earned honor. Sure, celebrate our national betchaI,, 1 Piece of jobs 43 Complacent warning to two colonialist lead- Green, it was the shot fired at Con- heroes, but then return to real life. 39 Spr n_q'mo work 24 kunchtime,44 Safecracker ers that the British regulars were cord's Old North- Bridge around 40 Smokestack2 Sobbed -often " 45 Least bit intending to arrest. SamuelAdams mid-day that was immortalized as After you have shed a patriotic tear output 3 Houston 25 Banjo . 46.Blood-group (later our nation's Second presi- "the shot heard round the world, of national pride, give an encour- 41 Shamelessly acronym supporter letters dent) and John Hancock (remem- When the first British regular fell, whoagingliveshandshakedown thetlane.the local hero bold - 4 Exit 26 -- carotene 47 Menagerie bered most for his famous, large, it marked the beginning of the . . . . . . . 45 Dixieland 5 On the 27 In the same 49 Court signature" on the Declaration of American Revolution. What an unparalleled evening Independence - writ large so that Throughout that long day, hun- 35 of us attended April 27 for the 2010KlngFeaturesSynd.,Inc. King George would be able to see it dreds and then thousands of mili- story of the 1856-1877 Grasshop- i~ -- -- ~ without putting on his spectacles) tiamen continued to arrive, in ~~~ ~ per Plagues, when these mysteri- immediately prepared to flee. keeping with preparations that ously disappeared in 1877. Tha.nk RIVER REGIONAL At Lexington, Revere waited for had been planned for,, months: you all for being there, and Duane +~ ~ ~a-~+ William Dawes. Dawes was the "the alarm and muster. And on. ~~ ~J~BRARY other express rider sent that night, the other side, from Boston, 1,000 Stanley for telling the story. Duane l~~ ~.,.&,4~...r.~..~,,. to ensure the message would get reinforcements arrived to guide alSOlngallsbrought,,in person,"Carlineandandin Lauralso0s l-IDIl[I:Im Kimball through. Dawes rode the "landand protect the retreat of the route" through the small neck of exhausted "Redcoats." attire. We have Duane to thank for a most interesting Paul Revere his t'~11~1i~ Li~[~ land that connected Boston to Before the British troops' tor)rforthiscolun~n, too. On-line ticketing +he mJml+md +/tm+ timo rotrat + inod tho 0curlty a[ - available at Zonda~a~.our; 6 that Revere crossed the Charles. Cambridge in the early evening, AmemorialchapeloftheGrass- Traveling the longer route, Dawes well more than 2,000 militiamen hopper Plagues of more than a century ago, sits on the outskirts of QuarryCmema. com! WedneYday 10-1 arrived at Lexington a half hour were actively engaged in the skir- Cold Spring, on a hill along High- after Revere. mishes. And by the next morning, way 23. At night, this chapel is illu- ~)~~ ~=~) 3-6 Afterabriefrespitethetwomen 15,000 were in the surroundings coming soon! Thursday 10-1 mounted again to head for Con- of Boston blockading the narrow minated with spotlights, strategi- 3-8 cord to fulfill the second part of land access points to Charlestown callyplaced.Theyhavetheireffect. Saturday 9-12 their assignment, to get a warn- and to Boston while the British The story is told of a man who ing to the patriots at Concord regulars prepared their defense, left a Cold Spring tavern and was 5 Main Street Noah, Kimball, MN 55353 where munitions were in storage. Let me state once more, that drivingst. Cloud.UPonHighwaYthe outskirts23 towardsoftown, 320-398-3915 This message was far less urgent, Paul Revere was and is a great he looked up and saw that lighted though nonetheless important, patriotic hero. But real-life heroes chapel. Returning to the tavern, he Iron Man 2 PG"13 -- ][~lg CIos.udlOId -- The patriots had, for some time, are not like television heroes, or dropped his Southern Comfort on Fri. 5. 7:12:01a.m. sprclAtSnOW been aware ofthe British plan; just even poetic ones. They are not thecounterwithafewcrispwords, Fri.: 4:30, 7:00, 9:30 Last week's answers Sat.:11:30,2:00,4:30 7:00.9:30 Solution time: 21 mins. not its timing. The weapons and lone wolves who do it all and "Anytime you see churches flying t munitions had been dispersed out defeat every enemy, coming out through the air, it's time to quit Sun.:1l:30.2:00,4:30,7:00 BIBI El of the central stockpile. Canons unscathed and ready for another drinkin'." Mon.-Thu.: 4:30, 7:00 A ~ L ~ O I hail even been buried, episode next week. The Revere Preservation is a good thing. It IliA] T~H~ The task of the British regulars we think we know was craftedhas been estimated that it takes 81 marching on Concord from Bos- by Longfellow, who specifically 16 times more energy to construct I Furry Vengeance PG G IAI ton was to confiscate or destroy as wanted to create a patriotic leg- a building than to operate it for a Fri.: 2:45, 4:45, 6:45, 8:45 many of those munitions as they end as the Civil War began. The year. So, in a sense, if you use an Sat.: 12:45.2:45.4:45, 6:45, 8:45 could find. As Revere and Dawes real Revere worked with manyex_isting building, rather than con- Sun.: 12:45, 2:45,4:45,6:46 began the five-mile trip, theywere hundreds of other patriots, heroes structing a new one, you get 16 Mon.-'[hu.: 4:45. 6:45 sI joinedbySamuelPrescott.ayoung whose names have been forgot- years of energy conservation by Nightmare on A, doctor returning to his home in ten because no one chose to write taking advantage of its embodied Elm Street R ~ Concord. The time was 12:45.a poem about them. But they are energy. "There is good ecological Fri.:3:15.5:15.7:15.9:15 But 15 minutes later, half-way heroes all, while Revere - pretty " Sat.:1:15.3:15,5:15, 7:15,9:15 between Lexington and Concord, much by chance - has gained the sense in preserving structures. + This is a quote from the Preserva- Sun.:l:15 3:t5,5:15.7:15 1.15~la.s (all the three were surrounded by a fame. Mon.:lhu.:5:lS.7:15 British moanted patrol, who with Memorial Day is nearly here, tionist'sProgressbyHughHoward: Mark your calendar Tuesday, guns drawn, forced them into an and I would Iike to make these June 22, for the next special pro- The Back-up Plan & adjacent field. Almost immedi- suggestions. PG-I3 ately, Prescott broke away, head- First: Bear in mind the point gram with the Kimball Area His- Fri.: 3:10 5:20, 7:30, 9:3u ing at full speed toward Concord. made here. that real heroes will toricalumn forSCietY'more detailsand watchaboutthisit. Wel-Cl- Sat.: I:00, 3:10, 5:20, 7:30. 9:30 Dawes was able to get away a not look like TV stars. Real heroes come new members. All renewals Sun I:00 3:10,5:20,7:30 short time later, but, in his escape live and look more like you and for membership are much appre- Mon.-Thu.: 5:21,, 7:30 he fell from his horse and could me than they do like Matt Damon elated. Thank you. To donate, 7he Last Song PG not complete the iourney. Revere or l~urt Lancaster. They may" ver,/ renew or join our membershlp or Fri.:2:15.4:~0.6:45,9:00 ~clud X5ffgg; was carefullv guarded: the pat rol well have doubts or fears, butthey have questions on area history, Sat.: ]2:00, 2:13, t:~0, 6: k3, 9:00 :::.~ es3 and prise her headed slowly back rise above them in true courage, the Kimball Area Sun.: 12:(10, 2:13,.1: g0, 6: IS [nstatta n als0 avkil Men.-lhu.: k3(, 6:45 a towards Lexington. About 2 a.m.. Second: Most true heroes share you may contact Historical Society at Box 100, Kim- startled by the sound of gunshots. [heir efforts with many others, ball MN 55353, or (3200 398-5250, Daily Matinees the soldiers decided to set Revere without whom. the victory would or398-5743, ore-mail. ii ~j;hit 7~5 claimed his borrowed horse. The General MacArthur on the battle- "Once history is made, it can't be Movie Hot Line son 2 -2269 un-made" May is National (320) 685-7111 +:i!+:+ trusty steed was never retrieved, field or Joe Mauer onthe baseball :i Notwithstanding Longfellow's diamond, only when surrounded Preservation Month ermann, 93-6782 poem, neither Revere nor Dawes by many on whom spotlights will