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May 16, 2013     Tri-County News
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May 16, 2013

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Reprinted from the Tri-County News, Thursday, Sept. 18, 2003. Forest City has a rich historical background. It was first visited by the white man in 1855. The beauty of the landscape along the Crow River enticed many of the early settlers to make Forest City and the surrounding area their new home. As the new settlers arrived in 1856, they took up claims, erected log cabins, and began clearing the land. There are a lot of"firsts" in For- est City town and township: The first white child born in Meeker County was Sarah Jane Dougherty. She was born July 15, 1856, in a covered wagon in the village of Forest City while her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Dougherty were en route to Har- vey Township. The first steam power saw mill was built near the village of Forest City in 1858. James B. Atkinson opened the 1 ~G "~" .. -" " " " Village of Forest City and Stockade, 1862. 1) Robinson; 2) Hoyt; 3) Heath; 4) A.C. Smith's Shop; 6) Mallory 7) Taylor; 8) Blacksmith Shop; 9) Welles; 10) U.S. Land Office; 11) Shoemaker Shop; 12) Hotel Barn; 13) Atkinson Hotel; 14) Atkinson's General Store; 15) Hamlet Stevens; 16) School House; 17) T.C. Jewett; 18) Stockade. Stanton store. Company C of the 6th Regiment on Much to the surprise of this Sept. 22, 1862. Company C stayed horde of savages, the walls of the until Feb. 26, 1863, and Company stockade loomed before them. B remained untilApri126, 1863. They did not attack this well- Two days before they left, armed barrier but contented April 24, 1863, a detachment of the themselves with the burning of 9th Regiment arrived and occu- five or more buildings and seizing pied the Stockade and remained and driving off 65 horses, until late summer. About 5 o'clock that same By this time the Indians had morning, the Indians departed, ceased to be a menace to the grow- dividing into three groups, one ingcommunity. first store and hotel in Meeker going toward Manannah, another El. Casey wrote this bit in County in March 1856, which was in the direction of Greenleafbythe regard to the demise of the stock- located at Forest City. south road, and the third group ade: "Nothing definite is recorded J.A. Baird opened the first goingthe Darwin (then called Rice as to the ultimate removal of the brick yard in Meeker County for a City) road. stockade, but we may speculate brief period in 1858. This also was Information gathered from thethat time, the elements, and the located in Forest City. Indians after the Outbreak indi- desire for dry firewood accom- The first post office in Meeker cated that Little Crow, their mil- plished that which the Indians County was established at Forest itary leader, had planned a cam- were unable to accomplish."Even City in 1856 with Walter C. Bacon paign that he hoped would drive though it has become only a part as postmaster, the whites east of the Mississippi of the history of our county, it The first newspaper in Meeker River. Little Crow had acquired a served the purpose for which it County, The News, was published supply of rifles and ammunition was built, and without doubt, its in Forest City in 1868 by Frank from unknown sources, and he presence changed the entire his- Belly. called his lieutenants together for tory of the Indian Wars." The Forest City Stockade and instruction and had planned to * * * * * * * its surrounding buildings were take allotments due the Indians Monday, May27, Memorial Day located in the SE 1/4 of section 17, under treaty to purchase supplies brings recollections ofmanyofour Forest City Township. The stock- with the money, and then attack, hometown boys who fought for ade furnished security and safety Ordinarily, the allotments arrived the freedomAmerica enjoys. Their to hundreds of citizens of Meeker early in July. But the allotments in courage and honor will endure for County during the Sioux Indian 1862 had not arrived byAugust 17. all time. We are grateful for the Uprising in 1862. Many Indian hunting parties opportunity this Memorial Day The Acton Massacre took place roamed over what is now Meeker weekend offers to remember and on Aug. 17, 1862, when five white County in search of food because appreciate the bravery of all our people were killed by the Indians. these allotments had not comemilitary then and now. They were: Robinson Jones, Ann through. It is believed that it was Two events are coming in June, Baker Jones, Howard Baker, Viro- such a group that got out of hand so keep watching this column for nusWebster, and Clara D. Wilson. and killed the Jones and Baker detailsofinterest. The stockade was hurriedly families. Kimball's Historical Society's constructed on Sept. 3, 1862. It The Massacre at Acton upset mission is to share the Stories and was erected in one day by the Little Crow's plans of waiting for the relevance of our area's found- entire force of Home Guards and the allotment and supply of food, ing. We do this by working to con- citizens. It was 120 feet square, in and he proceeded to attack the nect with the people, events and the form of a parallelogram, and settlements in the Minnesota Val- objects of history. was made of a double row of logs Icy. One of our charter members on end, planted about three feet There was no movement in presents the Kimball History to in the ground projecting upward force to attack and drive out peo- Kimball sixth-graders, Friday, about 10 feet. Bastions on the cot- ple in this area until Sept. 4, 1862, May 17, complete with historic ners, firing steps, and numerous when the attack was made on For- Knaus jerky samples, prizes, and loop holes through the timbers est City by an undetermined num- once-in-a-lifetime program we afforded ample means for sweep- ber of Indians. provide at the Kimball Elemen- ing down its assailants and gave Forest City and its stockade tary School. Thanks to Mariella shelter to the marksmen from the became a garrison town for sev- Arnold for her time, teaching skills bullets of the savages, eral months following the attack and passion for youth and history. Between 2 and 3 a.m. that next of September 4. She's been presenting these for morning, Sept. 4, 1862, a large A number of troops stopped at11years. band of Sioux warriors were seen Forest City from Sept. 9, 1862, to It's not too late to join or renew approaching. Three men were May 1863. They were all volunteer memberships and for more infor- on guard that night. These senti- regiments that were being orga- mation about this, or column nels sounded the alarm by firing nized by the state, most of whom contributions, or to the perma- their guns in the air. The sentinels received their basic training at nent society collection, any ques- were pursued by the savages with Fort Snelling. tions on all of the above, feel free blood-curdling war whoops and On Sept. 9, 1862, a part of the to contact the Kimball Area His- gunfire, but reached the stock- 3rd Regiment of the Minnesotatorical Society at Box 55, Kimball ade in safety, as did all the occu- Volunteer Infantry spent a night in MN 55353, phone (320) 398-5250, pants of the hotel and surround- Forest City on the way to the Min- or 5743, e-mail kimballhistory@ inghouses. But in their hurry, they nesota River to protect that area We look forward to neglected to remove the horses from the Indians. hearing from you. . that were quartered in the hotel Company t3 of the 8th Regi- * * * * * * * stable and the bulk of the ammu- ment arrived in Forest City on nition, which was stored in the Sept. 15, 1862. They were joined by