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May 21, 2009     Tri-County News
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May 21, 2009

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"n t Thursday, May 21, 2009 all,MN ................. ~! ~ ~,~-~t~ ...... '' .... Sill Pert|er "Slices of Life tricountynews.MNis now live What color is your day? Today was a yellow day. routine physical exam, my .dad's In case you hadn't noticed yet, printed newspaper). But we also As with many things in life, I doctor found something that war- our newWeb site, , is now up. and recipes. And there's still more my kids - in this case, my daugh- Kind of like moving into a new to come (like video, on-line classi- ter. She was born with a taste for and much-bigger house, we don't fieds and other ads, and a business yellow, as anyone who knows her quite have everything put in itsplace directory)! will attest. yet. Butwe'rebusyworkingonit. C'mon in and take a look It should now be easier to find around! Let us know what youEvery once in awhile I run into someone who says they don t like news stories (including relevant think. We ll present a "grand tour" yellow. I interpret this to mean they news items that didn't fit in the soon. Letter to. the Editor From one concerned neighbor to another This letter to-the editor has been written in hopes of reach- ing out to the hearts of those in the community that own pets, as well as the people of our commu- nity who choose to act in violence toward animals and pets. This letter resPectfully asks that each member of the community read the words closely. Last week we experienced an act of violence on our two dogs, one who was expecting her first litter of puppies in three weeks. Living in the country, farm dogs occasionally wander ... and lose track of their boundaries. Dogs can experience a freedom unlike any other. We understand that MN Stat 347.03 states "DOGS MAY BE KILLED". "Any owner or caretaker may kill any dog found chasing, injur- ing, or worrying sheep or other livestock or poultry owned by or in care of such owner or caretaker, on lands or premises owned or controlled by the owner or care- taker, and any owner or caretaker of sheep may kill any dog found on the owner's or caretaker's premises where sheep are kept, not under human restraint or control". At first it was unknown to us if our two dogs were in fact "chas- ing, injuring, or worrying live- stock or poultry" as this was the first occurrence of our dogs run- ning away, and the soon-to-be "mommy" was not very physi- cally active. But after inquiring and FINALLY obtaining the true facts, AFTER the dogs were brutally destroyed, we were informed that the dogs weren't causing any problem, that simply/'they were not supposed to be here." This is why the neighbor shot them at close range, threw them in a ravine, but let us continue going from house to house in the neigh- borhood asking if anyone had seen our dogs. After further inquiry, we learned that this was the first time our two dogs were seen in this par- ticular area. What has happened to neigh- borly kindness and caring!?! It seems our society has shifted in mentality. "Back in the day" a landowner may have not acted in such a way. Neighbors were there to help each other out in times of need, and possibly would have made a few phone calls rather than acting out with disturbing violence instantaneously. If a problem per- sisted, maybe then action would be deemed necessary. These two dear companions have been torn away from our family, our two granddaughters and grandson. This letter respectfully asks that members of this community think twice before acting with viol6nce towards animals, specifically ani- mals that seem a nuisance to you but have not ~hi/Sed you harm. These animals are someone else's pets, and a simple phone call may have saved two very dear mem- bers of our farm family that were simply enjoying life. What has happened to human- ity? Neighbors should help each other, not hurt each other. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Respectfully, Daniel and Sheila Dahnke Kimball haven't yet discovered an appreci- ation for the color. Yellow is every- one's best friend. If you take the time to get to know yellow, you'll find that it's impossible not to like him (or her, take your pick). It's all very logical. Yellow is bright and joyful. It is sunshine and daisies. It is mustard on a hot- dog. It is lemonade. It is a welcom- ing ribbon tied around a tree. Yel- low is the yellow brick road, lead- ing Dorothy, Toto and their friends to all things good. It is difficult to be sad when the yellow brick road is underfoot. Ah, but we all know the Wicked Witch of the East (or was it West?) is lurking out there somewhere nearby, with her flying monkeys, poisonous poppies and bad news all around. How can one focus on the yellow brick road when one is being pursued by a .witch with a green face? It's easy to be happy when things are going your way. When your paycheck arrives before the bills; when your car starts in the morning; when the dog does his business outside. It's a piece of cake feeling happy when the frost- ing ends up on the pastry and not on the floor. Put the ruby red slipper on the other foot, however, and happy might feel more like a stretch. The water bill is overdue; your car stalls in the middle of an intersection; the dog pees on the carpet, again. You drop your peanut butter toast, and before it ever hits the floor you know, without a doubt, that it will most definitely land peanut-but- ter-side-down. We've all had days when life feels not so great. Today, mine had to do with a phone call. During a C-word. Sometimes the doggy do gets so thick underfoot that it's hard to remember you're standing on a yellow brick road. I suggest on these days - when the shower never gets quite hot enough, you forget to rinse the shampoo out of your hair and your father calls with scary news - that you reach into your closet and grab all things yelloW: a yellow T-shirt, yellow sweater and yellow baseball cap. Heck, I even own a pair of yellow shoes. Why not? We know from the Wizard of Oz that the glory of yellow starts from the ground up. In harnessing the power of yellow, you are staring negative karma straight in the eye and dar- ing it to take you on. In this, yellow is your ally. When you're decked out in yel- low, people can't help but notice. They comment. They initiate con- versation. They reach out to you. Yellow makes you stand out in the crowd, and in doing so brings the crowd to you. During yellow days, this is exactly what you need: the power of human interaction. Yellow can't fix everything, but it can save you from being alone with your thoughts and often this is just enough to turn things around- or at least get you through the day. It worked for me. I talked with a woman at the supermarket about my yel- low scarf and was explaining to a friend about the bargain I got on my yellow shoes when my cell phone rang. It was my dad. They completed the tests he needed, and he was calling to report that he had a "perfectly per- fect prostate." It was better than good news. It was yellow news. Because, when you think abo.ut it, a perfectly perfect prostate could very well conjure up visions of the color yellow. But, we don't want to go there, do we? Let's just say today was a yellow day, and that was a good thing. DGET www.tricou ntynews. M N POSTNLASTER: Send addres: changes to the Tri-County News, RO. Box 220, Kimball MN 55353. The Tri-C0unty News (USPS 639- 180) is entered at the Post OffiGe, Kimball, Minnesota 55353, as PeHodi. cats. It is published Thursdays by the Tri-County News, Inc., RO. Box 220 Kimball MN 55353, Stearns County. LOCATION: Our office is at 71 Main Street South in downtowr Kimball. Weekday office hours are Monday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Tuesda~ through Friday 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Oul telephone and fax number is" (320) 398-5000. E-mail can be addressed to . Our Web site is