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August 2, 2012     Tri-County News
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August 2, 2012

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Page 2 Opinion Thursday, August 2, 2012 Tri-County News °Kimball, MN Top reasons life is not the Olympics • Most of us will never experience being booed, especially by thou- sands or millions of strangers. • Few of us have a coach, much less a team of coaches. • Very few things in life require the focus and dedication of Olym- pic athletes. .• When we&apos;re tired of it all, we can just turn it off. • Most people would be totally frazzled by the schedule of four years of hard work culminating in a few moments during two weeks. • Few of us will ever be in a posi- tion to be personally responsible for letting down an entire nation. Thank goodness for all these reasons! • There are no breaks for com- mercials. • No one is there to edit out the boring parts. • • We don't have billions of peo- ple intently watching our every move, word, cough, and adjust- ment- in high-definition close-up • There usually aren't cheering fans for what we do each day. • You can't sip over the bor- ing parts, or change the channel to something more interesting. • For most of us, our entire life's success or failure is not deter- mined in a single, brief competi- tion. • We all have bad days. Most of us get a do-over of some kind: iiiii ............. iiii uaru MessMa. ==ii :=!  Superintendent, Eden Valley-Watkins Schools July 27 Update and Renville County West. School board elections: It's necessary for the school dis- trict to hold its general election for the purpose of electing four school board members for terms of four years each. The board election is held in conjunction with the state general election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. If you're considering candidacy for the election, you must file with Marsha Davidson at the Eden Valley-Watkins School District Office. Filing must take place from July 31-Aug. 14. Our current school board members passed the resolu- tion to the election at their Monday, July 23, meeting. Fee schedule: I'm happy to announce that there will be no increase to our activity and athletic participation fee schedule for the 2012-13 school year. Our Jr. High (7-9) participa- tion fee is $35 per season, while Secondary (10-12) will pay $50. Wemustalsoadheretostateregu- latedfoodserviceguidelinesandpric- ing'C°nsidering°urstudentpricef°r hot lunch is muchless than the state average,weneedtodemonstratecom- pliancebyincreagingourpricesby5 cents.Anelementarylunchwillnow cost $1.70, and secondary $1.80. Building Project: .We're very pleased with the carrent progress of the construc- tion project and continue to review spec. sheets, meeting min- utes, budgets, and craftsmanship to ensure satisfaction with the final product. Hanson Structural Precast has a number of the 32' x 12', 61,000 pound precast gymna- sium panels erected and braced. Weather permitting; we anticipate the completion of the precast pan- eled system by Thursday, Aug. 2. Youmayhavenoticedthecontinued excavationattheWatkinssite.We're scheduledforfinalgradingandappli- cationofclassfiveontheparkinglotby Aug.l.Thecurbingandasphaltwilltake place the following week. l'dliketocommendtheEV-Wclean- ersandcustodialcrew.They'veexpe- riencedthedifficulttaskofcleaning ourbuildingswhilethedemolitionand constructionofthefacilitiescontinue. Weanticipatetakingovertheelemen- tarybuildingsinlateAugusfforthefinal cleaning and moving stages. 21st Century Grant: The EV-W School District is one of four systems fortunate to receive federal funding to continue the 21st Century programming. These funds will continue to provide qualified students with continued educational programs after school and during the summer months. Other districts receiving funds include ACGC, Cedar Mountain, GA00Es BEGI00I! E00D! )UP,' Ji|| Pettier "Slices of Life" Whitewashing "Like it? Well, I don't know why I oughtn'.t to like it. Does a boy get a chance to whitewash a fence every day?" (Tom Sawyer) There's nothing like a flesh coat of paint to make things seem brand new and clean. Even Tom Sawyer preached the tenet. I know his truths firsthand. I recently picked up a brush of my own and whitewashed something mighty important: the kitchen closet. This wasn't any old run-of-the- mill everyday sort of closet. It was the garbage closet, a location with its share of spills, slops, slurps and smudges, mostly of the food vari- ety. Unidentified glops and globs of stuff congealed on the once- white walls and floor. It was, in a word, icky. But no match for a coat of paint. I scrubbed the muck and mudge away and attacked said surfaces with my weapon of choice: a paintbrush loaded with white paint. The innards of the once filthy closet became pristine within the hour. Sometimes the yuckiest jobs are the most reward- ing, when they are complete. The small task got me won- dering: what if life were a gar- bage closet? What if we possessed the ability to whitewash over our stains and appear brand new within the hour? The possibilities seemed end- less - and tempting. We all have garbage in our kitchens. I'd get rid of mine as fast as you can say, "Prom gone wrong." Or, perhaps I'd whitewash over the time in first grade when I misbehaved and had to stand with my nose against a tree for the duration Of recess. No good memories there. Then again, there was the inci- dent involving a can of spray paint and my sister's bike when I was ' 13, but it's best not to go into par- ticulars. Garbage is garbage. No need for the specifics on the stink, I think. The one hitch with the con- cept of painting over our errors is this: paint only belongs where it belongs. While tasking on the kitchen closet, I slipped and got some paint on my arm. It looked out of place, because it was. You can't paint over stuff that shouldn't be painted. Like life. Some weeks are better than others. I won't go into detail, but for me, this was one of the others. I'd probably whitewash over it if I could. But that wouldn't work, and it wouldn't be right. Life involves garbage and gar- bage, by design, is messy stuff. To paraphrase, I guess that means life is messy sometimes. Tragic even. I woe upon the woes of my week. Then I think about the victims and their families in Colorado and my issues seem minor. I wonder what Colorado wouldn't give for a can of white paint, or a do-over. My heart goes out and I wish we could give them both. But we can't. You can't white- wash life and you can't escape the garbage, at least not completely. You have to deal with the trash in your can, whether you put it there or not. Garbage knows nothing of fairness; no one said life was fair. What do we do, then? We keep going. We set our alarm clocks. We eat dinner. We throw in a load of laundry. We put one foot in front of the other. We are honest with ourselves and others. We work to mke things better. We see things through. We love. We heal. Sometimes the most complex problems require the simplest answers. Hopefully at the end of it all we are left with no paint on our arms and the knowledge that we'¢e dealt with life's garbage as best we can. And we'll understand sometimes the yuckiest jobs are the most rewarding, when they are complete. Follow Slices of Life on Face- book. Jill Pertler is an award-win- ning syndicated columnist and author of "The Do-It-Yourselfer's Guide to Self-Syndication" E-mail her at; or visit her website at http://marketing-by- design.home.mchsi.corn/. ' i 1 www.tricou ntynews, l N ] DEADLINE: 2 p.m. Mondays II POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the Tri-County News, NO. Box 220, Kimball MN 55353. The Tri-County News (USPS 639- 180) is entered at the Post Office, Kimball, Minnesota 55353, as Periodi  caLs. It is published Thursdays by the Tri-County News, Inc., RO. Box 220, Kimball MN 55353, Stearns County. LOCATION: Our office is at 70 Main Street South in downtown Kimball. Weekday office hours are Monday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Tuesday through Fri- day 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Our telephone and fax number is (320) 398-5000. E-mail can be addressed to <news@tricounty news.A4N>. 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