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August 13, 2009     Tri-County News
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August 13, 2009

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Thursday, August 2009 Community 5 Tri-County News, Kimball, MN _ape )i tarp qlatter Kimball seniorDininq " "'!~ AUg, 17-21Suggested contribution for per- ~ sons 60+ and volunteers is $3.25, Compiled by the Kimball Area Historical Society Monday-"500": Swiss steak, or what you can afford• Guests When ] Was Four go away? She's in bed. She can't up the steps, and jumped again, vegetables, wheat bread, pudding. REMINDER. When there is a walk. Laura jumped off the porch and Tuesday-Euchre: Brown sugar choice of entree On the menu, you By Elizabeth CooperMike "It's a different kind of going ran up the steps. They jumped pork chop, sour cream & herb will receive the first one listed From the pen of Elizabeth Coo- away," Muddy said as she tight- and jumped. Then I jumped off whipped potatoes, green beans, UNLESS you notify us. The cof- per Mike, Kimball Historical Soci- ened her arm around me again, the porch. As Mary jumped again, dinner roll, fresh fruit, fee pot is on by 11:15 a.m. every ety member, in her book "The Girl "She wanted to borrow my legs she shouted, "Let's get some green Wednesday: Chicken salad on Wednesday. From Stickney Hill, Kimball Prai- and I said no," I began to cry. apples to eat." Tossing our shoes a bun, vegetable dumpling soup, For reservations, call Rosa- rie, Minnesota" (Reprinted with Gramma Coopie's bed was in and stocking on the porch, Laura tomato slice w/lettuce leaf, pump- lea Hoeft (320) 398-2211 between permission of the author.) the front room when we visited and I raced after Mary, down the kin bar. 10:30a.m. and 1 p.m. the daybefore Note: Gramma Coopie was my her. QuietlyJackandlhadtip-toed hill, past the pump to the orchard. Thursday. Ham & broccoli you plan on attending. Giftdining paternal grandmother; Muddy, my in and stood at the foot ofher bed. Her voice floated back to us, "Last bake, carrot raisin salad, fresh booklets are available at the Senior mother; Bailey or Daddy, my father; When she opened her eyes, she one is a monkey's uncle, fruit, chocolate chip cookie. Dining Site and the State Bank of Nana, my maternal grandmother; smiled at us. Then she asked to I ran faster• I didn't want to be a Friday: Tator tot casserole, let- Kimball. Frederic, Jack and Peggy, my sib- borrow my legs. My young, strong monkey's uncle, tuce salad, fresh orange slices, lings. Mary and Laura were my sec- legs, she said. I shook my head * * * * * * * wheat bread, peanut butter bar. pad cousins. no, shook it hard, hair flying in Thank you for attending "Sup- 1% milk is served with every Sitting on tire steps of Gramma my eyes. Everybody laughed. My per in the Park" on "opening meal. Menu is subject to change. Coopie's back porch I stretched face felt warm. Taking our hands night" of Kimball Days 2009 fes- out my legs and admired my new Gramma Coopie drew us close to tival. Hope you visited the "open This program is funded in part under a contract with the shiny black shoes, my white stock- the bed, saying, "You two look so House" and restoration surprises Central MN Council on Aging as part of the ings pulled up tight and rolled over healthy, rosy cheeks, shiny eyes, at the history exhibit in historic Older Americans Act Program. round garters to below my knees, so young, so healthy, all your life City Hall all weekend. More and and my next-to-best dress, blue ahead•" She smiled at us and the more like its original beauty, with with little white flowers all over it. sadness went away from her face. the comfort of advanced technol- I felt my hair. It was still damp. She said, "Now run along and ogy's finest air conditioning and Muddy had let me comb my own play." And then smiling all over heating systems• Served every Wednesday, 5-7:30! hair. Then I had smoothed it down her face, she closed her eyes and * * * * * * * $775 all over with water, especially the we slipped away. Family Genealogy program iOj~/~/ Children 10 & under $3 bangs. bey, & lax Now I wished I had given her Sept. 22, and Armistice Day pro-~~~~ Muddy had left me sitting on my legs. Tasting warm salty tears gram in October, right here at our ~ • the porch while she went inside to onmylips, I pulled my dress down, "becoming more amazing" Kim- talk to the grownups in the house, stretching it tight over my knees, ball City Hall. A place of endless O I could hear their low voices, nunt Then IheardMaryandLaura discoveries. Come and enjoy. ~-~ Ba!lro Ruth and Aunt Mildred, and then plopping down on the porch, * * * * * * * my mother, crowding in beside me. Laura was You'reinvitedto neworrenewed I pulled my dress down tight bigger than me• I was 4. But Mary membership, donations towards HWY 55, KIMBALL • 320-398-3965 over my knees and wondered what was a big girl. She was 10. She put restoration or your information Awll~m~qto~u,l~qk~tm, gr~lw~lmalu,,~m~li~&~l~ "dead" was. Was it like the old cat I her arms around me and hugged in this column or the growing col- found stretched out flat and quiet me tight. The Fredericks were my lections. Remember the great gifts behind thebarninthesnowlast secondcousinsvisitingfromMin-availableforyourselforgift-giving. 6~[~e ~f winter? Or like the squirrel that neapolis. Gramma Coopie was The Kimball Area Historical Soci- came tumbling down the tree their mother's sister. Mary and etyissupportedbyindividualsjust when Uncle Warner shot it? • Laura had their shoes on and their like you. We can be reached at Box I leaned over and rubbed the Sunday dresses. Whispering softly 100, Kimball, MN 55353, by phone dust off my shoes. I remembered with her lips against my ear, Mary (320) 3989-5743 or 5250, or e-mail the phone call that morning. Two took my hand and said, "Let's go . We look short rings and a long. I knew it upstairs. I want to showyou some- forward to hearing from you. was our ring. We were all sitting at thing. * * * * * * * the breakfast table. Daddyjumped We tip-toed into the kitchen, "Nothinginthisworldisimpos- up and took the receiver off the skirted the edge ofthe living room sibletoawillingheart."-Abraham hook. where beyond the adults talking, Lincoln He said, "Hello. Yes, yes, this is I could see the edge of Gramma Bailey." And then he said, "Yup, I'll Coopie's bed in the front room. be rightthere." Slowly, up the steep creaking Turning away from the tele- wooden steps we went, into the h n .... Ithy p o e, hesald, ThatwasMlldred. upstairs, and then into one of the Hea Hearts Mother's worse. I'll ride a horse bedrooms. Carefully Mary lifted H R S: M o n- F r i: 7: 210- 5 : 3 0; S up and leave the car for you." And the flowered summer cover offthe support group North of Hwy. 55 on Hwy. 15 in Kimball • 398-2200 then he had ridden up the road, stove pipe hole in the floor. Principles of CPff galloping fast to Gramma Coop- Motioning us to the floor, Mary Everyone should know the ie's house. Her farm was up the laid down and looked through the principles of CPR because we hill and down the road, near the hole into the room below, never know when we may encoun- school where I would go when I "She's down there. Auntie's ter a medical emergency requir- was bigger. Then the phone rang down there," Mary whispered, ing basic resuscitation skills• Phyl- • again• Two shorts and a long. We She looked for a long time. Then lis Lundeen, RN, certified Ameri- were still at the table. Nana was Laura looked for along time. Then can Heart Association instructor, HearthM a cto giving baby Frederic his bottle and I looked through the hole for a long will show you how and when to Muddy was taking dishes off the time. I could see Gramma Coop- perform CPR on an adult, relieve PHARMACY table and hurrying us to finish, ie's long white hair spread out on choking and use an automated Jack, Peggy, and I. She answered the pillow. Her face was round and external defibrillator (AED). • Fast, Friendly and Convenient. 1| the phone and after a few words white and still. Her hands were This program is offered from turned to Nana and said, "She's • A Pharmacist You Can Trust. I gone. I'll have to go right up" folded. Aunt Ruth who was as soft 6:30 to 8 p.m. Monday, Aug. 17, • andplumpasapillowwithastring at the Buffalo Hospital, Medical • We've Got You Covered. "Well, we've been expecting it," tied round its middle stood on her Office Building, Conference Room We accept 1,000s of insurance plans, so most likely we accept Nana said as she held Frederic to tiny feet by the bed brushing ... B, 303 Catlin St., in Buffalo. Doors her shoulder. "It's a good thing I'm brushing hair back from Gramma open at 6:30 p.m. and speaker is at here. Take Elizabeth with you. I'll Coopie'sface. 6:45p.m. Picture Kiosk 29˘ take care of the other kids. Now ItwasmyDaddy'smotherdown This free session includes NOW AVAILABLE! hurry along•" there. I remembered when she hands-on practice for those want- - 4"x6" Prints "But it's a darn shame," Muddy wasn't sick, when she wasn't dead, ing to learn the skills of CPR. It • Camera cards • CDs & floppy disks said. She's only 56. Darn doctors when she was smiling with warm does not require rigorous partici- • USB flash drives • Prints of almost any size don't know much. Then noticing arms and raisin cookies and lots of pation - you determine how much • Camera phones, IrDA~or Bluetooth~w us her mouth went firm and her stories, you want to participate, technology enabled devices shouldersstraightenedasshegath- Suddenly, I didn't want to look Register: Healthy Hearts is a ered us around her, Jack, Peggy, anymore, so I sat on the steps wait- free support group, but registra- V~s~tus at "arensonrx, net" and me. Sitting with Peggy on her ing, blinking my eyes hard. We all tion is preferred. Call (763) 684- lap and putting her arms around sat on the steps for awhile, nottalk- 7121. us, she said, "Gramma Coopie has ing, our arms around each other. gone away where she won't be sick Finally, we slipped down the stairs, anymore. She's not hurting now. tip-toed round the edge of the liv- She's in heaven." ing room again, and through the T~lleadliq .. "But we just sawher. Jack and I kitchen. Out on the porch we sat sawher. Remember." Ipulled away in chairs swinging our legs. Then from Muddy's arm. "How can she Mary jumped off the porch, ran 2p,~, Moqdays