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August 15, 2013     Tri-County News
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August 15, 2013

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Thursday, August 15, 2013 Tri-County News • www. tricountynews, mn i:!i -=7 °" :=iii i -,,,,, iiiiii ii i Students £4 Youth Kimball Elementary School Supply List 2013 Paints - tray of 8 watercolors Pencil box, large Pencil sharpener - small, enclosed Pencils two boxes of regular #2 Scissors, pointed tip Second Grade: Adhesive poster strip - 1 pack 3M Command Backpack - no wheels Binder- 1", 3-ring Crayons, box of 24 Disinfectant wipes-2 small size (30-40) Erasers, 2 large Folders: 1 regular; 1 two- pocket style Glue - Elmer's 8 oz. bottle, white Glue sticks - 4 large Highlighter - 1 any color Index cards - 1 pack of lined 3" byS" Kleenex - large box Markers - washable Markers, Dry Erase set of 4 fine point Paper - one pack of loose leaf, wide lined Pencil box Pencils - two boxes of#2 (24 plain yellow) Pencils, set of colored Scissors - pointed tip Sharpener, small enclosed Watercolors - tray of 8 colors Third Grade: Backpack, no wheels Crayons, box of 24 Disinfectant wipes - large size Erasers, large - 2 Folders - 3 two-pocket Glue - 8 oz. Glue sticks - 4 large Highlighter - any color Kleenex - 1 large box Markers - washable set Markers, set of 4, fine point, Dry Erase Notebooks - 3 spiral, wide lined Paints - tray of watercolors Pencil box enlosed Pencils, box of #2 Pencils, set of colored Scissors - pointed tip Tape, scotch Watercolors, tray of 8 colors Fourth Grade: Antiseptic wipes - large size Backpack - to fit in locker, no wheels Binder 1.5" white Calculator - basic functions Crayons, set of 24 Erasers - 2 large Erasers, 12 pencil top Folders - 3 - 2-pocket (1 green/1 yellow) Glue sticks - 4 large; & an 8 oz. bottle of liquid Highlighters - 3 (any color) Kleenex - 2 large boxes Markers - Dry Erase, set of 4 fine pt. Markers thin and regular, washable Notebooks - 5 spiral, wide- ruled Paints - tray of 8 Prang watercolors Paper - quarter inch graph Pencil box, small (8" by 5") Pencils - set of colored Pencils - doz. #2 Ruler - standard/metric Scissors - pointed tip Tape - 3 rolls, scotch Sharpie - black fine tip Fifth Grade: Binder 1.5" for Mrs. Herrington's class Book cover - stretch style Calculator - basic functions Crayons - 24 count Disinfectant wipes - large, 75 count Erasers - 12 pencil top Erasers - 2 large size Folder 1 5-pocket Glue - 2 large sticks Highlighters, 2 any color Kleenex - 2 large boxes Markers - one set of Dry Erase Markers - regular set, and Markers - 2 black Sharpies, 1 Xfine & 1 med. point Notebook, spiral ragL_hh - 4 sq. per inch Notebooks - 3 spiral Notebooks, composition - two wide rules Pencil sharpener one small, enclosed Pencils - box of#2 Pencils - set of colored Pens - 2 red ball point Ruler - standard-metric School box, small (appr 8" X5") Scissors - pointed tip, adult size Tape, scotch - 2 rolls Watercolor paoints - one tray of Prang Sixth Grade: Binder - one 3 ring 1.5" binder Calculator -T34 Disinfectant wipes Folders - 4 (2-pocket) Glue Highlighters Kleenex - 1 large box Markers - 1 set of fine point DRY ERASE Markers - 1 set each of 10 fine tip & 8 broad tip Markers - black Sharpie Notebook - spiral rgLRl, 4 squares/inch Notebooks two composition style Notebooks - 4 spiral, narrow ruled Paper - loose leaf, narrow ruled - I pack Pencil pouch - zippered Pencils - box of#2 Pencils - set of colored Pens - two red ballpoints Ruler - standard/metric Scissors - adult size Sharpie markers - 2 fine point, black Tape, masking - I roll Tape, scotch 1 roll Watercolor paints - one tray of Prang E.C.S.E. Pre¢hQoI- Hannah's Room (Not Enrichment or Play and Learn School) Crayons - set of 8 large size Disinfectant Wipes Glue - 1 bottle of white (8 OZ.) Glue sticks - 6 large Kleenex tissues Markers - 8 washable, broad tip Pencil box Pencils - 2 large School bag - no wheels Scissors -blunt tip Kindergarten: Mark all items with student's name Antiseptic wipes - large size Backpack Beach towel in large Ziploc bag Crayons - 24 count, Crayola Erasers - 2 large size Dry Erase markers - set of 4 Glue - one 8-oz. bottle, white, Elmer's Glue sticks - 6 large Elmer's Kleenex - 1 large box Notebook - spiral, wide- lined Paints - tray of 8 watercolors - Prang or Crayola Pencils - one dozen, #2, regular size Plastic 2-pocket folder School box - small size Scissors metal edged, blunt tip First Grade: 4 Folders -2-pocket, 1 red and 1 blue (no plastic) Backpack, no wheels Crayons, 24 count Disinfectant wipes - large size Dry Erase markers - 1 set Erasers - 2 large size Glue sticks - 8 large Glue, Elmer's 8 oz. white Kleenex - large box Notebook- 1 composition style (9 3/4 X7.5) Notebook - Spiral, wide- lined Pencil sharpener small, fine line set °oeeeeeeoeeeeeeeee°s'eooeeoeeeee°o °oeeeeeeoooooeeeoeo° Eden Valley-Watkins Elem. Classroom Supply List 2013 *schoolbag (no wheels), large cloth zip- pered pencil pouch, 2 boxes of facial tis- sue (200 count), 2 wide lined notebooks (spiral), paint shirt, 4 plastic folders with 2-pocket, (no Trapper Keepers or 3-ring binders), 1 child's scissors (Fiskars works best), box of 12 colored pencils, regular size used deck of standard play- ing cards, coins: (6 quarters, 6 dimes, 6 nickels, 10 peunies), ll be returned at the end of the year, 1 container of Clorox Wipes, clean old sock, 2 glue sticks. Third Grade: 1 box 8 broad-tip markers for Art, erasers, glue stick, scissors, pencils (no mechanical), 2-boxes of facial tissue, crayons (16 or 24 cotmt), *school bag, watercolors 8-color set, box of colored pencils, 3 notebooks-wide-ruled paper, 3 pocket folders (no Trapper Keepers), zippered pencil pouch (no pencil box), 2 fine tip, black, dry erase markers, 1 com- position notebook (science), 1 pocket folder w/3 hole prongs ***Assignment planner. Fourth Grade: **Crayons, 4 pencils (replace as needed, no mechanical), glue, calcu- lator (4 function), erasers, 4-large box facial tissue, scissors, box of 8 broad tip markers, pencil box or pouch, 4 2-pocket folders (no Trapper Keep- ers), 5 spiral notebooks - wide ruled, thin dry erase markers, *school bag, ***Assignment planner. Fifth Grade: 4 spiral notebooks, accordian folder (optional), glue, scissors, eraser, cray- ons, pencils, 1 highlighter, markers, colored pencils, calculator (4 function), ruler-standard/metric, 2 red ink pens, 2 boxes of tissue, 5 pocket folders all with 3 fasteners in the middle, 2 dry erase markers, zipper pouch, ***Assignment planner. Sixth Grade: 5 notebooks, 5 folders, Trap- per Keeper or Binder (optional), cal- culator, ink pens, pencils, erasers, glue, scissors, crayons, colored pen- cils, markers, box of facial tissues, 1 package of dry erase markers, 1 dry erase eraser, ruler (standard/metric) ***Assignment planner. Music Class 1 box Kleenex to be used in music, the library, & computer lab (all stu- dents-maximum 2 per family), 2 pen- cils, 1 folder, (Grades 3-6). *School bags/backpacks with wheels are not recommended, as they do not fit in lockers. **Bound, not spiral, it says compo- sition on the cover. ***We are asking parents to pro- vide a yearly assignment planner for all students in grades 3-6. They will be for sale at Open House, in the library, or can be purchased once school starts in the office. The cost will be $4.25 per book. We will provide a scholarship for students in need. ****Only peanut-free crackers to pick: Cheez Its, Goldfish, Ritz or Town- house crackers, Graham crackers. 8221 School Readiness & ECSE: Families whose last name begins with letter A-M: 1 pkg. large glue sticks, 1 container of bleach wipes,, 1 pkg. 5 oz. cups, 1 box of snacks that are peanut and tree-nut free & 1 pkg. gallon-size plastic bags. Families whose last name begins with letter N-Z: 1 bottle of Elmer's glue, 1 pkg. washable markers, I pkg. 5 oz. cups, I container of bleach wipes, & 1 box of Kleenex Kindergarten: 2 bottles white Elmer's glue (4 oz. or larger), 4 large or 8 small glue sticks, several pencils, 1 child's scissors (Fis- kars work best) 1 box of 8 or 16 crayons (standard size), pencil box, resting mat or rug/heavy towel *large school bag, 1 box of Kleenex to share, paint shirt (an old adult shirt labeled with child's name works best) plastic aprons don't cover well, 1" 3-ring binder with 25 sheets of paper; no more, pocket folder for car- rying papers to and from school, 8 col- ored pencils, 1 box dry erase markers, Last Name A-L: one box Ziploc sand- wich bags; Last Name M-Z: one box Zip- loc gallon storage bags or paper plates; all: 1 container disinfecting wipes. First Grade: *School bag, 8 glue sticks, 2 large eras- ers, 1-pocket folder, paint shirt, cloth zip- pered pencil pouch, 1 notebook (spiral), 1 box of facial tissue, 8 thin pen- cils (no mechanical), 2 box cray- ons (24 count), 1 Crayola mark- ers, 1 Crayola colored pencils, 1 8 oz. bottle of school glue (white, no col- ored), 1 child's scissors (Fiskars works best), 1 deck playing cards (no char- acters), coins: (4-quarters, 10 dimes, 8 nickels, 20 pennies)-will be returned at the end of the year, 2 sets of flashcards (1 for addition and 1 for subtraction up to 12 or 18 plain-no pictures) Walmart, Target, etc., I box of crackers, 4 black low-odor dry erase markers, 1 container of disinfecting wipes; Last Names A-L: Ziploc gallon-size bags, Last Names M-Z: Ziploc sandwich bags. Second Grade: Box of crayons-24 count (no mark- ers), 2 regular bottles of Elmer's glue, 6 pencils-No Mechanical, 2 large erasers, Page 11 IIIIIIIIIIIrlll II II II ....... i ...... i iiiii:::: .......... :.o  .......... ::iiiii?i?i::iiiiiiiii  il iiii!ii ?????? ....... :: . ': ................. :iiiii;i ::NOW ! 7Days a Week: Expanded Occupational, Physical, & Speech Re ha bilitation Therapies to better serve YOU. 410 Luetla St, I Watkins I • Rehabilitation Therapy • Adult Day Care • Hospice Care • Respite Care • Blood Pressure Screening David Stang, FJC (320) 469-4735 cath°licunited'°rg/reps/david-stang Catholic United Fnnancnal00 For children age 15 days to 75 or Parents must be bendaries. (onwrtible to up to $0,0 in pemanent coveraqe before expiration without further evidence of insurability..fee  geprentative for tirnit on Iota/Youth Term coverage, forrrn 08ff-I &O85Pff- I. Home O(e:$ Paul, Minn, ©2013 fatholc Unitedfinan6al