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October 20, 2016     Tri-County News
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October 20, 2016

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PAGE 4 October 20, 2016 ~:~:~> ,, Jean ua "From the Heart" n we a (executive, legislative, and judi- Like so many Americans, I lookcial) become corrupt or too forward to the days and monthspowerful, the other two keep them after this year's election. Even balanced, in check. And the press after the election is done, though, serves to keep all three balanced I fear for our mental health, as a by informing you, the citizens, nation, about your government in action I was too young to be much (or inaction). aware of the 1968 riots at theMy in-laws have long feared for Democratic National Conventionmy safety, because they grew up in in ChiCago; so this is certainly the a totalitarian society where assas- worst political atmosphere I've sinating journalists has become ever witnessed, routine. Fifty-six journalists who It may have been a long time in did their jobs have been killed the making, but things have esca- in Russia alone over the past 25 lated tremendously in the pastyears, often shot or bombed in several months. No longer are front of their homes and families. hatred and bigotry and just plain But we are not Russia, thank meanness locked up in the backGod. Nor are we a third-world country, it's out in the open. The developing country. "kraken" has been ret~asedi and I We are a civil Republic, even fear there's little hope of returning though we don't always act like it. it tcaptivity" Somehow, we'll all make it I've said before that the art of through Nov. 8, election day. discussionhas allbutdisappeared. What will determine our =What are called~ presidentialtrue character is how we behave debates are unrecognizable from Wednesday, Nov. 9. By that time, the art form known as debate: a most likely, there will be a victor structured, formal discussion of a in the election. And there will particular topic, be losers. Our character will be Watching the morning news tested, both for those who favor used to be an important start the victor and those who were of my day. Now, it's three to five pulling for someone else. people all talking at once. Last The entire world will be time I counted, there was about 2 watching, waiting to see how we 1/2 minutes of actual news within make this smooth transition from a two-hour "news" program. It's one presidential administration become entertainment and I, for to the next. Win, lose, or indif- one, find it neither enlightening ferent, we need to put our best face nor entertaining, forward, be on our best behavior. We live in a time when my For our sake and for the genera- profession, my livelihood, is now tions that follow us. in the sights of cretinous thugs. Unfortunately, I've already Journalists, publishers, and every heard of rumblings among some employee at some long-standingpolitical mucky-mucks. They esteemed news institutions have won't play with the other children been threatened with violence,if they don't get their own way. destruction, and death. Well, they need to leave the play- Seriously? In the year 2016 inground then. the United States of America? Come November 8, each of us The job of a journalist and, will be called upon to use our most indeed, a news organization is to powerful tool in our democracy: shine light into dark corners,our voice, our vote. Since the establishment of Please don't let disenchant- this country, the press has been merit with parties, or campaigns, referred to as "the Fourth Estate," or individuals keep you from exer- a fourth branch of government in cising your vote. Soldiers have that checks-and-balances system died for that right. Women fought that is the very key of our polit- and waited decades for that right. ical system. Lest any of the three VOTE. true branches of government Jill Pq "Sfices of Life" 9 It's been quite a campaign season so far. The election. The debates. The issues and non-issues that somehow become issues none- theless. It can be overwhelming. And disheartening- for me, at least. The negativity and accusations and misinformation and misrepresen- tation and name-calling and scan- dals could be enough to discourage and dispirit a regular American- or at least cause her to consider a vaca- tion from social media. I am a regular American and I ' was feeling it. I noticed last week. The non-congenial atmosphere online, on-screen, on-air and every- where in between was getting to me in a not-so-good way. I didn't like that I was falling prey to it. It's easy, sometimes, to be influenced by our surroundings. And, while the current campaign 2. Historically, we are a nation that follows the rules of our estab- lished political process. Even though the current presidential election has been hotly contested and filled with strife, after the election, the losing candidate will step aside. That's a given in our country. The current POTUS will vacate the office on January 20 and assist the new President in making a smooth transition without riots or violence. It's how we do things. 3. I can attend the church of my choice - or not - as declared in the First Amendment. No one tells me what I should or must believe or how I should dress or to whom I should pray. Well, they try to, but I can choose not to listen. Remember, I'm on a vacay from Facebook. 4. Our nation is one of possibil- cycle may be introducing a certain ities. The entrepreneurial spirit is amount of negativity intO the air, I alive and well. Anyone can do any- still believe in the corny notion of thing - or at least aspire and try. I "America the Beautiful." So, to get have built my own (albeit small) over myself and my own propen- business doing what I love - that's sity for gobbling up the malarkey writing, by the way. set before me, I decided to make a 5. U.S. citizenship is a right, partial list of some of the reasons responsibilityand ahuge and great why I am proud to call the United privilege. Many others outside the States home sweet home. U.S. would trade places with me in roam. We can live in a high-rise or in the wilderness on a large plot of land. Choice is good. 7. Fast food, slow food and homemade meals. "With amber waves of grain." Not only are we large, we are fertile. We are able to grow productive crops and use them to feed hungry people. And, while hunger remains an issue for too many, our government recog- nizes this as a problem and works to fix it. A caring and compassion- ate nation is one to be thankful for. 8. "For purple mountain maj- esties above the fruited plain." Our nation is majestically beau- tiful with awesome sunrises and breathtaking sunsets. We have mountains, canyons, fields, farm- lands, deserts, vineyards, apple orchards, backyards, caves, oceans, lakes, rivers, beaches, hot springs, waterfalls and Disney World. And we have people. I firmly believe we are our own greatest asset and resource. It's hard, sometimes, to fil- ter through conflicting informa- tion and ascertain the truth: This election year, the challenge is put before us. Although we may have differing opinions about whom we should vote for on Nov. 8, we all should have this in common: a respect, appreciation and alle- giance to our country and each other. "And crown thy good, with 1. Let's start with the obvious, a heartbeat. They long to become brother (and sister) hood from sea Thanks to the 19th Amendment, I a citizen of our nation. We must be to shining sea." get to vote. I don't fear that some- doing something right. Jill Pertler is an award-winning one will try to keep me from vot- 6. I believe in the words from syndicated columnist, published ing or take my right away. The 24th the well-known song. "Oh beauti- playwright, author and member oJ the National Society of Newspaper Amendment guarantees this priv- ful, for spacious skies." Our nation Columnists. Don't miss a slice; follow ilege is free. is large in size. We have space to theSlicesofLifepageonFacebook. I I I O The Tri-County News is the official Newspaper of the Cities of Kimball and Watkins; the Kimball Area School District (ISD#739); Fair Haven, Forest Prairie, Kingston, and Maine Prairie Townships; and Clearwater River Watershed District. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the Tri-County News, P.O. Box 220, Kimball MN 55353. The Tri-County News (USPS 639-180) is entered at the Post Office, Kimball, Minnesota 55353, as Periodicals. It is published Thursdays by Tri-County News, P.O. Box 220, Kimball MN 55353, Stearns County. 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