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November 7, 1991     Tri-County News
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November 7, 1991

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4 KimUall TO-County Newff-Thursday, Nov. 7, 1991 #739 Update Kim. ball Area High School Paul W. WUfithrt Prladpal Nuns, Clutching, and Mud I recently borrowed my son's pickup truck for the purpose of running a series of family er- rands. I guess Bob needs some- thing to do while driving w he bought a manual shift with overdrive  or maybe he just didn't want his sister at Manka- to State (or his morn and dad?) to borrow the thing .... To be fair, there were times when my clutching'and shifting skills were not well-coordinat- eM. In fact, there were shifts and grinds that I felt may have been heard in Mankato. Not a pretty deal. Believe me, I was there. Did I wake anybody up? I am a product of a Catholic school educational system, kindergarten through Bachelor of Arts. I have fond memories of that schooling, especially ju- nior and senior high school. In particular, I owe a great deal to the nuns and lay teachers who tolerated my trip through their schools. I suspect that they called my parents more than I might have known. A good deal of holy water was expended on my behalf. "Is my shirt dry yet, Morn?" One good sister, in particular, spurred my interest in literature and probably most learning. A particular curiosity to me was a unit on metaphors and simile. I believe that I tend to view most life experiences metaphor- ically. I still think frequently of the gifts that nun  an excel- lent teacher  gave to me. It occurs to me that teaching and administering in a school is quite similar to driving a sdck shift. In fact, I think it's quite similar to how we -- and our students  learn. There are times when things run smooth- ly. You start the day by smooth- ly "working through the gears" until yon are up to speed. When you approach stop signs and busy traffic you down-shift ap- propriately and resume on a safe journey. Even emergency stops m'e smooth when you re- member to put the clutch in while braking to a stop. But there are certainly other times when things are not so easy. Students come to school without breakfast, they argue with parents or siblings, or they have a conflict with a teacher. Adults also argue, become ill, or have family and financial baggage which is carried to school in their "trucks". These events do not help us to have a smooth trip. All of these things influence the amount of learn- ing and teaching that happens that day. Teachers and other school staff, too, are on a daily journey with a manual shift. While most days run smoothly, there are other days and events which represent quite a challenge  days that the gears really grind for all to hear. On these days we do not perform at our peak. We some- times come to a stop and the en- gine dies for failure to push in the clutch in a timely manner. On some days we all run right into the mud. I do it. Yon do it. Kids do it. Recognizing that someone is "in the mud" and in need of extra help to get through a day is a skill which most of us learn giv- en enough time in this world. I feel that teachers and adminis- trators become really good at their profession only when they have been in the mud enough through their training and in the first decade of teaching and/or administrating. After enough mud baths and pushes from friends, we learn to drive out of the problem, what- ever it might be. We also begin to recall and understand what it is like to have a bad day and how it feels good to get help and get through a problem. We start treating kids and calling parents with that understanding in focus. Carrying my metaphor a bit fur- ther, we really learn that courte- ous driving with our fellow pro- fessionals and with the student drivers sharing our "road" makes a good situation for ev- eryone, and the traffic flows smoothly even if a few people are having some trouble with their shifting on any given day. That's where I'm at with the staff and students, I think. I've completed my first ten years as an administrator. I've been in the mud enough times now that I have begun to appreciate the pushes and am learning to avoid the mud holes through more careful driving and smoother shifting. I look back with some sadness to the fact that I left the classroom after ten years probably the point at which I had the most potential to be an excellent teacher of English. Students are at KHS too short a time to really become the very best learners they are capable of becoming. All of us in the school system are teaching these young drivers some of the shift- ing techniques and some defen- sive driving, but they'll find their own mud and  just as you and I did  get buried a few times before they'll really learn avoidance. Our best teach- ears are ready to help these kids. Administrators me helping these youngsters. Our KHS traffic is moving quite smoothly these days. Wave to your former teachers and significant adults in your life as you drive by. I have driv- en long enough now that I do re- member to wave at my folks and that one outstanding teach- ing sister  frequently in my thoughts. -h ooI Menus Men., Nov. 11 Veterans' Day. Chuck'wagon on a Bun w/Cheese; Winter Mix Vegetables; Peach Slices; Milk. Tues., Nov. 12 Taco Salad w/Fixings; Seasoned Corn; Bread and Butter, Pineap- ple Tidbits; Milk. Wed., Nov. 13 Long Dog Day. Foot Long Hot Dog on a Bun w/Sauerkraut; Seasoned Green Beans; Mixed Fruit; Chocolate Milk. Thurs., Nov. 14 Double Serving of Spaghetti. Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce; Assort- ed Salads; Garlic Toast; Fresh Fru Milk. Fri., Nov. 15 FINALLY FRIDAY! Bacon Cheeseburger on a Bun; Baked Beans; Rosy Applauce; Milk; Potato Chips. Elem. Altemate Menus Mon., Nov. 1 I, Burrito Tues., Nov. 12, Sub. Sandwich Wed., Nov. 13, Chicken Patty Thurs., Nov. 14, Fish Square Fri., Nov. 15, Hot Dog Elem. Breakfast Menus Mon., Nov. 11 I oz. Cereal; I sl. Toast w/Jelly; 1/2 c. Raisins; Milk. Tues., Nov. 12 1 sl. Toast w/Grape Jelly; Pork Patty; 1/2 c. Fruit; Milk. Wed, Nov. 13 Cinnamon Roll; 1 oz. Cheese; 1/2 c. Cherries; Milk. Thurs., Nov. 14 Waffle w/Syrup; (3) Sausage Links; 1/2 c. Mixed Fruit; Milk. Fri., Nov. 15 Orange Muffin; 1/2 Hard Boiled Egg; 1/2 c. Applesaw; Milk. Elem. Alternate Menus Men., Nov. 11, Burrito Tues., Nov. 12, Sub Sandwich Wed., Nov. 13, Chicken Patty on Bun Thurs., Nov. 14, Fish Square on Bun Fri., Nov. 15, Hot Dog Early Childhood/ Family Education By Carol Bruemmer ECFE Com'dinator Save Scott Seals for ECFE The tTCFE program is partici- pating in an exciting national program from Senu Paper Com- pany called "Learning Tools for Schools." The program will en- able our im3gram to olmin free computer equipment. Sam win Dvide this educa- tional equipment to our school in exchange for saving "Learn- ing Tools for Schools" apple seals, found year-round on the back panels of Scott products wherever they are sold. Our goal is to save (22,050) seals, enough to em'n a new (Ap- ple Macintosh Classic) comput- er. This much-needed item will help to improve the quality of our program. We need your help. If you save "Apple" seals from any of the Scott products listed below and give them to ECFE, you'll be helping us reach our goal. Ask your relatives, friends and co-workers to save apple seals as well. Please save "Learning Tools for Schools" apple seals from the following products: ScotTowels, Viva Towels ScotTissue, Cottoneile, Family Scot, Scott Napkins Viva Nap- kins, Scotties, Wash-a-bye Baby, Baby Fresh, Sofldns You can send your items to the Kimball, Eden Valley or Watkins Elementary School marked ECFE. They will for- ward them to us. Begin your collection efforts now! This will help us to deliver our apple seals to Scott Paper Company by the February 29, 1992 deadline and ensure deliv- ery of the equipment to our school next spring. The rising cost of education and budgetary constraints make the Scott program an excellent way to obtain the computer that our Ira)gram needs, on behalf of the ECFE staff, I thank you for your interest and support. Sincerely, Carol Brueanmer ECFE Comdinator Rep. from Hutch Tech to be at KHS Nov. 14 A representative from Hutchinson Technical College will be at the Kimball High School at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 14 to visit with students, parents or any interested persons from the community who are seeking avenues of training, re- training or upgrading of skills necessary for job enhancement or advancemenL The fastest growing segment of the American job market is for people with solid technical skills. Hutchinson Technical College offers over 40 program areas - technical carets offering you the brightest future. Many of these programs are one of a kind providing you the opportu- nity to learn skills which are in high demand. To meet with the HTC sentative, contact the Kimna High School principal or selor. Don't Smoke DaY. (Minnesota D-Day) Nov. 21.... Do you smoke? NoW'S time to quit, say MinneS Day ("Don't Smoke" Day) nizers. Do yon know sotne who smokes? Help them to tip on D-Day. "D-Day is Thursday, ber 21," says Ellen BlaCJ,L' health educator with the SL rJ Division of Public Health ing committee. "Join the r bration and free yourself chains of tobacco." The Ammean Lung   tion of Minnesota and the l. ; nesota Division of the hat j Cancer Society, co-sponS D-Day, have lots of help  able for smokers who wotuu to quit, including free  =" tion and advice, suppoa  ' quit clinics, and self-help  " rials. Representatives of the " sooD ganizations say that as ..a one quits smoking, the J"J_ goes to work to rclmir dj d" age cigareates have _.,elt the habit for good," claims Black. "And the money yoe te" by not buying cigarettys ally add up over time. For help and D-Day tion, call the American Association of 800-642-Lung; or the Cancer Society, sion, 1-800-582-5152 ...... Bulk Hrs: M-F ! Sat. Annual Poultry Friday, November 15 !1 8:30 p.m.s1:00 a.m. 00WatkJns Village Hall 1st Prize - $100.00 2nd Prize- $25.00 Turkey Raffle 9-12 Refreshments & Games Door Prize Sponsored by Watkins Legion