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December 18, 2008     Tri-County News
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December 18, 2008

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Thursday, December 18, 2008 t Compiled by the Kimball Area Historical Society dy fruit, and blackjack gum. the word Christmas can But too quickly the not eat that piece From the pen of Elizabeth Coo- of sweets was over. Always it down in my per Mike, Kimball Historical Soci- regret I watched the last piece the eve- ety member and her book "The Girl appear. Gone- From StickneyHill, KimballPrairie, ory until the next Christmas. Minnesota." (Reprinted with per- One Christmas when I mission of the author.) or 10 or 11, I Food was always a highlight for extending in the days of my childhood ... ness. Each time we the smell ... each occasion for- were allowed to ever imprinted on my mind. I lived from meal to meal ... holiday to my hand closed over holiday.., food to food. hands reached in, I close my eyes now andremem- came out. No one notic bet: hot buttered popcorn, some- clutching two as I times covered with fudge, on cold own corner to enjoy winter evenings; lemon jello with One piece I ate, bananas and real whipped cream a shoebox behind the at parties and holiday meals; bedroom door, I carefully the mem- homemade ice cream after church the second piece. My little hoard with every- on hot summer Sundays; thick of candy grewand grew. Dream- one. What purpose do they serve if slices of cucumber on bread and ing of the time I'd still have some not shared? butter sandwiches at my grand- when the candywasall gone, Iwas Member dues and contribu- mother's and her lemon pie, not never tempted to eat that second tions are critical if we are to con- long out of the oven; and her clear piece, tinue our work to protect the Kim- redcurrantjeUyspreadonhotbut- Then one day as I was check-ball area's irreplaceable architec- tered toast. I think back and remember: ing my cache, I heard my moth- tural and cultural heritage. If you er's quiet voice behind me, "What haven't renewed for 2009, can we watercoreapplespickedfromdew- have we here?" count on you to do it soon? Your covered grass in the cool morning "Nothing, it's nothing," I mut- support is very important. The hours; .quart jars of homemade tered. In guilty confusion I shoved ranks of concerned citizens who dill pickles; huge bowls of potato the shoebox deep into the box of care about preserving the Kimball salad at Sunday picnics at Pearl quilt blocks, area's past and revitalizing our lake; nuts from the_upper pasture's "Well, let's see this nothing." community, grows daily. Know hazel bushes made into rich dou- Calmly she sat down on the bed, that with your help, we will pre- ble-chocolate fudge; and oh, my waiting. Slowly I set the shoebox vail. Our society's keepsake cook- mother's chicken and dumplings beside her. book and souvenirs are a great swimming in thick yellow gravy. Still sitting calmly, she said, Christmas gift. The City Hall res- HowIlovedsweets.lcouldnever "Take the cover off so we can toration project continues. get enough. When we exchanged see this nothing." Shamefully I For more information about school names at Christmas time, removedthe cover to revealashoe- our non-profit organization, now I always hoped I'd get the best of box more than half full of candy, entering our ninth year, please all gifts ... one of those,, huge five- Several pieces of every kind. contact the Kimball Area Histori- cent chocolate bars. It didn't mat- "Well, you'll just have to put this cal Society at Box 100, Kimball MN terwhat kind. nothing back in the nothing box." 55353 or phone (3203 398-5743 or Always Christmas was a sea- Without another word she walked (800) 252-2521. son of sweets. Our Uncle Ken, my with me to the front room where During the Holiday season, mother's laughing bachelor brother the orange crate, now almostmore than ever, our thoughts turn with the heart of a kid, supplied the empty of goodies, stood, gratefully to those who have made family every Christmas with lots Trying to ignore the grinning our progress possible and in this of sweets ... mostly hard candy ... faces of my three brothers and sis- spirit we say, simply but sincerely, striped mint drops, peppermint ter Peg, I dumped the candyin. "Thank you and best wishes for sticks, walnut flavors, soft jelly cen- Then my mother said, "Now. theChristmasSeasonandaHappy ters, a few chocolate creams, dried you can each take one piece." And NewYear!" i~n[ Page 7 Sewed every Wednesday, 5-7:30! ....... name! $7 Children 10 & under: Tim Ellis, Owner 55 on Now offering MigraSpray Migraine relief and prevention! Convenient hours 9 am-6 pm: Mon-F Saturday appointments available WATKINS Chiropractic Clinic 320-764-3000 Dr. Gary Verbovanec Central Avenue Watkins Carl F. Ha fman tl of M Extension horticulturist ;hhikin A common call I receive this time of the year is in regard to small dark flies buzzing around the home. Often the homeowner suspects that these insects are fruit flies and begins checking all the exposed fruit in the home in search of an infestation of this pesky insect. Although these flies could certainly be fruit flies, at this time of the year they are most often fungus gnats which may be breeding in the soil of poinset- tias or other houseplants that have been brought into the home. These gnats may also have hitch-hiked inside on those plants that were outdoors for the sum- mer. Under magnification, fun- gus gnats are a slender dark-c01 ored fly with long legs and are more mosquito-like than fruit flies. However, when they are fly- ing about the home, they may look quite similar. Poinsettias, aswellasmost other indoor plants are now planted in soilless mixtures or other potting media with high organic matter content. These organic soils pro- vide the ideal habitat for fungus gnats, particularly if the plants have been overwatered. The lar- vae are very small and worm-like. being about one-fourth inch long and pale white or translucent in color. They live in very damp con- ditions where they feed on decay- ing plant material, moist organic matter, and fungi. Fungus gnats rarely feed on healthy roots and typically do not injure the houseplants. Heavy infestations in the medium in which bedding plants are being grown may result in damage to the very small roots of imma- ture plants. Although they may fly about the face, adult fungus gnats do not bite or attack people and are really 0nly a nuisance. The first step to control fungus gnats is to reduce soil moisture by changing the plant watering schedule so that the plants receive sufficient moisture, but the soil surface is allowed to dry between waterings. In other words, water the plants when they need water, but do not keep the soil saturated. Do not, however, allow the plants to wilt. The only effective product for treating the larvae in the soil is Bacillus thuringiensis var. israel- ensis, also known as B.T.-H-14 and usually sold as "Knock-Out Gnats'or "Gnatrol'. This product is only effective on the larvae and does not kill the adult flies. There are yellow sticky cards or "sticky traps" available in gar- den'centers that can be placed in the pots and are effective in reduc- ing the number of adult flies. With persistence and patience, you can often eliminate the problem just with these traps. Sticky traps work well when fungus gnats are a problem in bedding plants that are being started indoors in which case the developing plants must be kept moist. There are some insecticides, such as pyrethrins, that will kill adult fungus gnats, but this is only a short-term solution. As-long as there is a favorable site for the lar- vae to develop, adult gnats will continue to be present, even with repeated applications of the chem- ical. Hearth Mart, PHARNACY Fast, Friendly and Convenient. A Pharmacist You Can Trust. We've Got You Covered. We accept 1,O00s of insurance plans, so most likely we accept your O Vaxlak Picture Kiosk NOW AVAILABLE! .-s,, .ot. Camera cards CDs & floppy disks USB flash drives. Prints of almost any size Camera phones li technology enabled devices Print your Holiday photos! In-store, no J